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Feeling lonely when among friends? Feeling blue when you work? Not enjoying your hobbies anymore? You may not be experiencing a fleeting emotional state. It could be an unexplainable emptiness of your soul. You will know it when you feel it. Do not fret if you cannot explain the hollow feeling in your heart to anyone. All you need to recover and get back to your bubbly self is some mindful healing.

Spiritual emptiness stems from a feeling of helplessness. It can also be because you have poured your cup dry. Physical changes in your environment also contribute to a void in your psyche. When a feeling of fruitlessness confronts you, firmly believe that you will see the other end of the tunnel. Allow yourself the luxury of going through an entire process to fill your heart with positivity to regain your spiritual health. This is a steady process and there will be some good and some bad days. Remember that only your resolution to get over it matters.

10 things to do when you feel spiritually empty

1. Recognize the emptiness.

The first step to heal yourself is to acknowledge that you are not doing well. When you admit the void feeling to yourself, you are undercutting the power it has over you. The emptiness itself has no hold over you. You give it power by refusing to confront it. The issues that you do not confront become the boundaries that you cannot cross. Be resolute in trying to cross the boundaries you draw for yourself. The path to realization runs smack through shedding our fears and expanding our boundaries.

Confessing to yourself is the best way to combat the power the feeling has over you. Once you have nothing to hide from yourself, you will have taken the power back. This is a necessary and firm step you should take to ensure good spiritual health.

Resolve to remove the empty feeling in your soul. Be confident that it can be done because it has been done before. Be careful not to be hard on yourself while admitting it to yourself. Remember to be gentle on your soul but not so gentle in your resolve.

2. Do not fight it.

The whole process of overcoming the emptiness in your heart is centered around the practice to allow it to flow over you without taking over you. Friction with the hollow feeling in your chest will only drag you deeper into its mess. The negativity thrives on your dissenting feeling towards it. Ensure that you do not feed it by playing its game. So be sure to make friends with the feeling. Allow it its own undisturbed space in your heart and visualize it lying there peacefully. As you continue along this path of non-confrontation, you will see it welt to a powerless mass that you can remove forever.

Welcome the gloomy emotions but do not get invested in it. People have been in the exact position as you are in now and have made it to the other side. Relax and watch the emotions ebb and flow through your psyche. At first, you will feel the emotions intensifying, but do not yield. Calmly reason to yourself that you are a much higher being than mere insecurities. Your weapon against the hollow emotions is your active disengagement. Use it as often as you think is necessary. Keep your weapon handy and sharpened.

3. Analyze what causes it.

The next step in the self-recovery process is to find the root of your ill feelings. This is the pivotal moment of the whole process. Sit back and analyze what caused the feelings and why they are attached to you. Feel free to go back to the farthest time in your childhood as you think back. A lot of our childhood emotional trauma translates as spiritual baggage in our adulthood. Be careful not to attach hate or shame as you peruse through your childhood memories.

Note that the sole purpose of this exercise is to identify and understand the root of your spiritual emptiness. Be kind and gentle to your younger self and all the other characters you encounter during your journey down the memory lane. Identify any unresolved and unfounded fear you may have. Identify any feelings of guilt or hatred that you may have accumulated over the years. Do not hesitate to reopen doors that lead to unpleasant memories which may involve a close family member. Know that you are a more evolved person now and can handle any bad feelings with unbounded understanding.

4. Let the past go.

You have now finished the most important part of your healing process. Once you have analyzed where the emptiness springs from, you can confidently overcome the feeling by resolving the underlying issues. This step calls for a deep understanding that you can disassociate from your emotions and still be all you want to be. Your character is inherently you, not your emotions. Having this firm belief tenderly unknot your emotional attachments from your soul. Do not rush the process. Take the time you need to be respectful of your past, but grow out of it.

Let go of the hatred you harbor in you. Remove the guilt or shame that you have carried on your soul for this long. Keep the lessons that each bad episode taught you but relieve your heart of the sadness that accompanies each of the lessons. Forgive each person that you hold responsible for some of your failures. Forgive yourself for not taking the chance that you regret now. Realize that you might be a victim of circumstance at times and that it is ok. You are not alone in your struggles. Feel the lightness that ensures after this extremely buoyant process.

5. Map out the path to resolution.

You have made it through the major part of your healing process. By this time you can feel the emptiness slowly fading away and dissolving into your psyche. The next steps in this exercise is to ensure that the feeling of emptiness does not recur and to keep improving your spiritual health.

The resolution of your feelings is the next natural step after your recognize and analyze them.

Love yourself with reckless abandon and forgive yourself for every mistake you have ever done. Forgive everyone who has ever wronged you. They might have been in the middle of their own unresolved mess and may not have intended to hurt you. Cleanse yourself of all your emotional stress.

Draw out a clear mental map for your path to resolution of emotional issues. Your resolution should involve a set of positive emotions to feed your spiritual condition. It should involve patience, forgiveness, understanding and above all, love. Unconditional love that covers everyone around you, but most importantly yourself.

6. Interact with like-minded people.

The fact that you are never alone makes it easier to cope with the emotional emptiness. There is a whole tribe of people who are like you. Though nobody else will have the exact experiences as you, they can sympathize with your condition and offer support.

Consider talking to a person in your life who is most aligned to your experiences. While you try to tell them about your journey, be patient and lend an ear to their own trials and tribulations. Do not try to enlist the help of someone who was a part of your past emotional trauma.

If not, explore social media to find groups or pages that are dedicated to uplifting people’s souls. A daily dose of positive reinforcement could help you stay where you want to be. The support may not have to be specific to you. But it will ensure a heightened understanding that there are people who share an experience with you. It will give you a sense of community.

7. Sense of purpose in life.

Having an enhanced sense of the purpose of your life is the kryptonite for that empty feeling in your soul. Be enthusiastic about all that you can achieve in life. Recognize the gift of life and actively plan on how to use it.

Think of what makes you unique and align your plans along those traits. Having a strong sense of purpose will keep your feet on solid ground. It is necessary that you do not drift around different stages of life. Rather, you should pass each stage with resolve and a certain high level of joy.

You need not think of it as your destiny that you need to fulfil. Instead, think of it as pampering yourself by being aware of what you want to achieve in this lifetime. And go after it. The general idea is to fill your psyche with so much happiness that the hollow feeling does not have anything to latch on to. This is a periodic process that needs nothing more than a few invested minutes of your day.

8. Cherish your soul.

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Keeping the hollowness of your soul at bay is a periodic process. There are many methods to ensure that you do not give your power to those emotions. Meditation and exercise are the foremost methods to keep you in good spiritual health. You can consider meditation as a time to reflect on how your bad thoughts creep into your brain and study their pattern of occurrences. It helps to know you are not defined by your empty thoughts.

Move and shake up your energy immediately when you recognize that feeling creeping over you again. Helping others in need is also a good way to shake your energy once a while. It will subconsciously add to the happy parts of your psyche and let you radiate with joy.

Another way to fill your soul with goodness is to create and maintain your spiritual routine. It does not have to be rigorous or time-consuming. Something that involves some quiet time and positive reinforcements to your soul should do. The key to maintaining a spiritual routine is to make it as realistic as possible. Do not aim at perfection. Aim at perseverance.

9. Follow your heart.

The easiest idea to endorse is that you should follow your heart to stay happy. Do what makes your heart sing. The hollow feeling could be a reaction to the lack of creative ideas that feed your soul. Do you ever think of how you would draw or sing or write poems in high school? But you do not do it anymore. Rekindle the artistic side of you that has been lying low for a long time. Do not wait around for motivation. Start doing what would make your heart flutter and the motivation will find you.

Take some time off every week to nurture the artistic side of you. It does not have to be perfect. It does not even have to express your emotions. All it needs to do is take your mind off any negative feelings that might want to take you down. Start with confidence and make sure not to judge yourself harshly for doing what seems right.

10. Commend yourself.

The vital element of the many things you can do when you feel spiritually empty is to compliment yourself. Nobody else can make you feel wanted and happy if you do not help yourself. In most cases, the only thing standing between a person and his happiness is himself.

Stay away from people who do not see your worth. During your time of healing, it will be difficult to handle both your own negativities and those brought on by others. After you accomplish any of your goals, give yourself a pat on the back. It is a small “Thank You”. It could be a bar of chocolate or a walk in your favorite park. Acknowledge that you have successfully completed a task. And stay in a state of happiness with the confidence that you are worth it.