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You may want to remove someone from your life for many reasons. The relationship may have become toxic or you may discover that you have outgrown the relationship. No matter the reason, you can remove this individual from your life spiritually.

As you spiritually remove this person from your life, you find the negativity attached to the relationship fading away. With negativity away, you can start your life afresh and attract better relationships into your life.

How to Know it is Time to Remove the Person from your Life?

Before understanding how to spiritually remove someone from your life, it is important to know if it is time to remove the person from your life. If the relationship seems toxic, then you are better off without this person in your life.

Ask yourself:

Does the person make you feel inferior?

Does he/ she manipulate, disrespect or abuse you?

Do you find yourself energized when you are away from this person?

Do you often ask yourself why you put up with the person that belittles you at every opportunity?

Do you feel hindered by the presence of this person in your life?

Do you constantly feel that you can achieve more without this person by your side?

If yes, then it is time to choose a life without this person.

Choose the Spiritual Approach to Remove the Person from your Life

Removing a person that once meant to you a lot is not as easy as it may sound. You share emotions and energies with this person. There will be hurt on both sides when it is time to let go. But you can make the process peaceful by preparing yourself spiritually.

With spiritual strength, you can remove the person from your life without negative feelings. You can see your life beyond the relationship and realize that separation is in both of your best interests. You can use this spiritual confidence and calmness to convince the other person to choose a separate path.

Awaken yourself Spiritually by Showing yourself Great Respect

This may seem odd and not really spiritual. But you cannot be more wrong. A spiritual being believes everyone and everything deserves respect. And, you are not an exception. You open doors to spirituality when you begin to believe that you deserve respect.

When wondering how to spiritually remove someone from your life, understand the reason the person is in your life in the first place. Are you indirectly attracting such people in your life?

One way you could be attracting toxic people into your life is by feeling inferior about yourself. The respect you have for yourself is what you would expect from others. So, when you feel you are not deserving of respect, you tend to put up with disrespectful behaviors from others.

If this is what is happening in your life, then it is time to remove the toxic person from your life. It is also time to set higher standards for yourself. This spiritual approach does not mean you will no longer meet any toxic people. But it means that you will prevent yourself from inviting such toxic people into your lives.

Here’s how you can start respecting yourself and begin believing that you deserve a person that respects you as much as you do yourself. In the process of elevating yourself, you will also remove the toxic person from your life:

· Be aware of toxic self-talk. If you find yourself berating yourself for being a little clumsy or disorganized, then stop the talk right there. Replace it with realistic self-awareness.

You may be clumsy but there is no people’s person like you. You walk into a room and the room brightens up with your cheer and positivity. Now, not many people can do that!

· Stop inviting toxic people into your lives. If you find someone criticizing or belittling you for no reason, then put the person in place immediately. Stop engaging such people with words of comfort or persuasion. When you stop engaging, they lose their power over you.

· Avoid responding to toxic behavior with return hostility or a sense of victimhood. Toxic people love melodrama and tend to stick around you as long as you respond to their behavior with such elements.

When you respond with hostility, you feed the ego of the toxic person. When their ego gets involved, they tend to hit back with more hostility.

How to spiritually remove someone from your life? Talk to these people with an utter calmness and you will find them disappearing from your life easily. Toxic people become bored and disinterested in you when they find there is no drama or conflict in your behavior.

· Approach toxic people with confidence, another spiritual trait. When you know the toxic person cannot bring you down to their level, you automatically become calmer. This calmness and confidence in the face of hostility or sarcasm are enough to disarm the toxic person.

Such confidence comes from the spiritual realization that respect for yourself is the first step to earning respect from others.

· Show respect in your communication with the toxic person. When you show respect to someone that knows he/ she has not been equally respectful, guilt usually awakens. Such toxic people may not change overnight. But they want to move away from the feelings of guilt you generate in them. In the process, they are more likely to move away from you.

· Remove your own toxicity to remove the toxic person from your life. Avoid negative and unrealistic judgments and opinions about yourself. Develop love and respect for yourself.

This may not happen immediately, especially if you have been harboring negative opinions about yourself from childhood. Refuse to ignore the valuable qualities you have that set you apart from others.

As you practice honoring yourself, you will find to your amazement others doing so too.

An unshakeable love and respect for yourself, and unconditional acceptance of yourself, will automatically remove people that do not understand such healthy self-love and respect.

Get Rid of the Person with Simple Spiritual Practices

Want more tips on how to spiritually remove someone from your life?

Often, the first step to removing the toxic person from your life is to get rid of the negative energy surrounding you, as a result of your association with this person.

First, identify if you are being affected by negative energy. If you experience the following, then you could be having negative energy attached to you:

· Your sleep is not sound anymore

· You are restless and anxious most of the time

· You find yourself losing control over your thoughts and emotions

· You seem to be easily affected around certain people. They deplete your energy and make you nervous

· You find yourself easily attracting others’ negativity

· You have become impulsive in your decisions

Follow these spiritual practices to remove the negative energy and the person from your life:

· Identify the person responsible for such negative energy. Detach yourself completely from the person. If this is not totally possible, draw boundaries in your relationship with him/ her.

Cut down the time you spend with the person. Tell the person clearly what he/ she can and cannot expect from you. This way, you will not be drained of your energy when the other person is around you.

By reducing your time around such people, you will avoid uncomfortable situations.

· Reduce negativity by practicing meditation. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Be aware of the thoughts and feelings as they try to suck you in. Do not judge them. Just let them be.

When you refuse to give the thoughts and feelings power by judging, and reacting to, them, you will find them losing their power over you.

If you are not a meditative kind of person, you can take up a physical task such as walking or jogging to get rid of the negative energy attached to you.

· Declutter. Throw away items you need not need at your home and office. You invite positivity into your life by getting rid of clutter. With positivity, you will be able to distance yourself from the toxic person more effectively.

· Cut down on your whining. If you find yourself whining and complaining all day, then cut down on this habit. Complaining about a situation or person will only attract more negative energy.

When you stop whining, your focus is automatically diverted to finding a solution rather than cribbing incessantly.

· Consider observing spiritual practices that bring positivity. For example, you can keep windows open in the mornings to invite sunlight and fresh air. Have more plants around you as the greenery and lushness are symbolic of positivity.

Dead and withering plants can contribute to negativity. Remove them as soon as you can.

· Try alternative spiritual methods believed to remove negative energy. Some people believe salt to have the power to get rid of negative energy. Pour salt at the corners of your room. Allow it to stay for 48 hours. Collect the salt and throw it away later.

You can also use sage smudge sticks or incense sticks to get rid of negative energy.

Take to Journaling

Another spiritual technique to remove a person from your life is to get rid of the attachment you have to that person. When you let go of the attachment, you overcome the energy that binds you to this person. Journaling is a simple and efficient method to get rid of these energy binds.

· Write everything you would tell the person you want away from your life. Let your frustrations, fears and desires come alive in your writing.

· Discover yourself calming down as you pour your emotions in your writing. The negativity and emotions are all transferred to the paper. The calming effect is a sort of healing happening within you.

· Burn the paper or book once you complete writing. This is symbolic of the release from the energy that is binding you to the person.

Visualize Severing your Ties with the Person

How to spiritually remove someone from your life?

Sit in a meditative stance. Close your eyes and feel the energy binding you to the other person. Feel the energy that is draining from you as you feel the bond attaching you to the other person.

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Visualize cutting the cords with the other person using scissors. Feel the remnant energy flowing into you as well as the other person. What does it feel to have the ties with the other person severed? Anchor yourself to the feeling of release from the binding energy.

Feel the energy and positivity enter you as you let go of the ties. Take the time to feel the peace and energy flowing through you. Remember to thank the other person for his/ her contribution to your growth and happiness.

In Conclusion

As you move forward in life, you learn, evolve and change. As you evolve, you come to identify certain relationships and people for what they are. You may feel these people and relationships are becoming toxic or are preventing you from reaching your potential.

If you feel so, then it is time to create your own space for exploring your truths, possibilities and potential, by removing such people from your lives. Spirituality gives you the strength to distance such people from your lives in a healthy and respectful way.

How to spiritually remove someone from your life? Try the above techniques. Welcome the new space and energy in your life and live life to the fullest.