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Having turned into a global buzzword, the term – “spirituality” has been gaining ground among people of all age groups. Since spirituality is a broad term with ample perspectives, people understand it based on their existing knowledge and beliefs. Some are of the opinion that spirituality has religious connotations. Whereas others who are opposed to religion consider it a standalone concept.

In simple terms, spirituality can be defined as a state of mind that can enable you to tap into your higher consciousness. It involves a search for purpose and encompasses a sense of connection with an entity greater than everything else. The human mind often tends to wander into fantasy and rumination, especially when spirituality is missing from life.

A spiritual mind can enable humans to reach their true potential without the involvement of any external stimulus. Moreover, spirituality is associated with matters that hold more significance than the physical/material world. So, what does spiritually minded mean? In a nutshell, a spiritual mind is intent upon spiritual things and has nothing to do with materialism.

On the other hand, a fleshly minded person has a penchant for worldly experiences and sensual pleasures. Sadly, the world today glorifies material success which comes at the cost of peacefulness. It is no wonder that most people have neglected their inner selves owing to their deep involvement in mundane affairs.

The best part about spirituality is that it upholds the immaterial aspects of life. Above all, it stresses the importance of looking inward, thus allowing people to step out of their materialistic mindset. Spiritual mindedness can better equip you to make wiser decisions and overcome hurdles that arise from time to time. Keep reading to uncover the secrets to becoming a spiritually minded individual.

6 Proven Ways To Become A Spiritually Minded Person

The majority of people hold the belief that being spiritually minded comes at the cost of sacrificing the pleasures of the flesh. While this inference may seem somewhat true, there is a lot more to spirituality than renouncing fleshly desires. At its core, being spiritually minded is key to achieving the right balance between the flesh and spirit. Without further ado, let us cast light on the 6 proven ways to become a spiritually minded person in today’s age.

1. Be conscious of Almighty God

We may come from different walks of life and religious backgrounds. But deep down we all know that the universe is run by an entity who is greater than all of us. Realizing the existence of this all-powerful and mighty creator is the first step on the road of spirituality. There are various truths that can only be perceived spiritually. Since we all have been given a free will, we can either obey God or go against Him.

Spiritual mindedness makes one want to adhere to the commandments of God. You should take out time from your jam-packed schedules and ponder over the Word of God so that you can lead your life according to His will. God’s Word can bring major spiritual transformation in your life and acquaint you with hidden knowledge which is not within everyone’s reach.

The ultimate goal is to achieve peace by submitting your will to the Lord of the worlds who owns everything within the skies and the earth. Regardless of whether you are tested with hunger, fear or loss of material wealth, you should remain steadfast to strengthen your spiritual side.

2. Practice meditation regularly

A mind crammed with worrisome thoughts can become a hindrance to spiritual mindedness without you even realizing it. Practicing meditation is a sureshot way to free your mind and get rid of worldly worries. It can help you focus your attention on spirituality, thus making you more productive in the long run. Meditation can help you establish a profound connection with your soul and harmonize the energies flowing in your body.

When you meditate in a quiet environment, you tend to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. The resulting awareness can help you deal wisely with people you meet on an everyday basis. You also get to develop virtues like empathy, compassion and honesty, all of which are associated with spirituality. The nicest thing is that meditation can open your mind and help you realize there is more to the universe than meets the eye.

3. Foster a bond with nature

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Many people seeking peace of mind wonder – what does spiritually minded mean in today’s modern world? Being spiritually minded is all about attaining inner tranquility. This can be achieved by fostering a bond with nature and reflecting over the purpose of your existence. Furthermore, the hectic life in urban settings is linked to mental stress which can easily be tackled through spirituality.

You should consider embarking on a week-long trip to a scenic destination that boasts outstanding natural beauty. Spending time with nature and indulging in introspection can work wonders for making you a spiritually minded person in less time. Be it the charming views of a lake or the enchanting sight of a steep mountain, natural beauty has the potential to relax and rejuvenate your senses in an instant.

Also, connectedness to mother nature can renew your mind, thereby making you capable of discerning hidden realities.

4. Socialize with spiritual people

It goes without saying that humans are wired to socialize and connect with like-minded individuals. There is a consensus that spirituality is meant to be practiced in isolation. Due to this reason, the terms socialization and spirituality might seem poles apart at first sight. However, both these can go hand in hand if you know how to manage relations well. Once you have begun your spiritual journey, it is important that you surround yourself with people who emanate positive vibes.

The company of spiritually aware people will allow you to cultivate a calm and balanced state of mind. Moreover, it will boost your social skills and confidence simultaneously. See to it that the conversations you spark up with people revolve around spiritual mindedness. You can partake in spiritual gatherings to meet people who hold the same beliefs as you.

As you keep meeting new people who are involved in the spiritual sphere, your social circle will expand eventually. Make sure you distance yourself from people who have toxic personalities. The influence of such people could sway you to conform to worldly norms and practices prevailing in the world. People who are not concerned with the essence of spiritual mindedness will squander your precious time and deflect you from your spiritual goals.

5. Focus on the present moment

One of the biggest causes of misery and stress in our lives is preoccupation with the past. When old regrets and painful memories are evoked, they tend to leave a lasting impression on your mind. Hence, you must avoid mulling over your past. Instead, you should live in the present moment and accept reality the way it is. Focusing on the present moment will help ward off worries about what the future has in store for you.

Moreover, present-moment awareness will enable you to dismantle negative strongholds and keep your mind pure.

6. Keep your mind open

Keeping your mind open to new possibilities is vital for being spiritually minded no matter the phase of life. As we age and grow older, our receptiveness to people’s suggestions tends to decline. This narrows our perspectives and ultimately leads to our spiritual downfall. Your biggest obstacle to the spiritual path is your own ego which can erupt like a volcano when you are least aware of it. Not only can ego make you resistant to learning new things but can also sabotage your spirituality.

Never let ego get in the way of spirituality as it can negatively impact personality development to an unimaginable extent. What you may have been taught in early life might be false or contradictory. Therefore, you should always try to transcend your childhood programming by being receptive to new ideas and facts. If you have any ill-will towards any person, you must discard it right away to achieve spiritual mindedness faster.

Final Words

There is no doubt that we all live in an increasingly fast-paced and materialistic world that values flesh over spirituality. Rather than pondering on spiritual existence, most people are inclined towards vanity and self-glorification. No matter the extremity of worldliness, our environment should not deter us from pursuing a spiritual course of life. Luckily, the aforementioned ways can go a long way in accelerating your spiritual journey.

Although mundane distractions can cause your mind to drift away from spirituality, you can keep the attention focused inward by putting the right amount of effort. Since imitative behavior is ingrained in humans, following an ideal example can help you stay spiritually minded even in the hardest of times. The best role model for mankind is none other than Jesus, the son of Mary who was strengthened with the Holy Spirit.