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The notion of spiritual enlightenment found its prominence and popularity sometime around the 18th century. It is characterized by two important aspects:

  • This is a state of contentment and happiness, and
  • These results are the outcomes without having any influence on an object or a subject.·

You too can acquire such a state of mind by adopting an intensive mediation which in turn can lead to spirituality.

Yes, this is believed to be an entirely ancient concept. Nevertheless, it is highly powerful in suppressing the eternal conflict experienced in your mind. Likewise, it is equally appreciated for giving you total control over your:

  • Joy,
  • Hate,
  • Emotion,
  • Fear, and
  • Desire.

Spiritual entitlement enables numerous benefits

Like any other option, even spiritual enlightenment entitles you to reap several benefits. This includes:

  • You start to visualize everything with greater clarity.
  • A fixed goal appears in front of you and you get an opportunity to work with utter concentration and devotion in this regard.
  • Your observational powers keep flourishing.
  • You end up having better capabilities to judge everything with perfection.·

Do not expect to attain spiritual enlightenment overnight

Well, it is a farce to assume you can acquire spiritual enlightenment overnight in your pursuit to know more about how can you be spiritually enlightened. Of course, it is your approach that can make the process very easy to accomplish. For instance, you ought to possess two crucial things:

  • Determination, and
  • Pursuit

Remember, it is this mindset that will guide you all through your journey to spiritual enlightenment.

Different cultures and religions vouch for spiritual awakening

During your investigation and research on how can you be spiritually enlightened, you will come to realize this has been in place in different cultures and religions.

Of course, the name keeps varying from country to country and the religion being practiced in a specific country. For instance, it is often referred to as ‘bliss’ or ‘nirvana’. Whatever be the name, one thing is common in their meaning. According to these names, your spiritual enlightenment starts the moment you are in a position to step back and also ‘awake’ to your life.

Nonetheless, this feeling is characterized by a mild unnerving feel. This may at times surround you with scores of peculiar and whimsical questions like:

  • Who am I.
  • Why am I here, and more..

At the same time, it is equally fascinating to experience a wonderful feeling when you find yourself gripped suddenly with such feelings.

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Spiritual enlightenment teaches you about the reasons for your suffering

When you delve deep into the simple question -how can you be spiritually enlightened, you will be more than happy to know the reasons behind your suffering. It arises not due to your fate. Instead, it is the culmination of your thinking and beliefs about pain.

Why does the pain surface in the first place? Spiritual enlightenment will guide us perfectly in this regard. It refers to different situations that cause this pain, like:

  • Your utter resistance to any form of discomfort.
  • Your willingness to escape from the pain, and
  • Imaging a very discomfort-free lifestyle.

The suffering, pain, and problem arise due to rumination on your:

  • Fears
  • Anger
  • Sadness, and
  • Brooding over your discomforts

The real solution to all of them is to stop thinking about tomorrow’s and yesterday’s sorrow. Instead, the right approach would be to accept and explore today’s experience irrespective of its form.

Avoid adding a layer of resistance and rumination to your life. This will in turn bring a guaranteed stoppage to all kinds of suffering.

How to approach this topic? There are two ways to deal with it:

  • Simply come out of your future and past, and
  • Seeking and striving

Make a serious attempt to meet your life in this raw form and that also right now! Do this without harboring any judgment and without having any expectation to:

  • Relax, or
  • Find ‘peace’

Ensure to meet your present situation on its terms instead of framing any favorable conditions. The entire idea is to gear up for all eventualities:

  • The pleasant and unpleasant
  • The pleasurable and the painful

Do so without having any dual meaning and any hidden agenda.

Be alert and look for signs of spiritual enlightenment

Remaining cautious and alert in matters of spiritual enlightenment is desirable. For instance, make sustained efforts to observe the patterns in their true perspective. One great sign is developing a quality to notice things around you.

Refrain from putting your life on an autopilot format! It will enable you to take note of aspects you have been ignorant about. This can include:

  • Why you are here
  • Who you are
  • What you want, and more.·

Having such questions in mind is quite natural. It is almost as if you have turned on light in a room that was previously totally dark.

Ideally, you ought to reflect on your life and pose certain questions like:

  • Why do you drink so much?
  • Why and what makes you angry so easily?
  • Why do you end up comparing yourself to others?
  • What stops you from waking up from the bed even when you hear the alarm ringing?
  • What quantity of red meat is sufficient for your diet?

Keep sharing with others to derive a true sense of connection

The best answer to how can you be spiritually enlightened is to share with your fellow beings. This could be something material or non-material. Irrespective of what thing you share, this will go a long way to gain spiritual enlightenment.

For instance, you can take an active part in community activities. It could involve your decision to volunteer at a local food bank or simply shovel your dear neighbor’s walkway.

The list to choose from is endless. For example, you can change your perspective surrounding any specific individual in your community. Maybe you can ask yourself a question like – why does he/she wear a tattoo without being judgmental in any manner.

In case you have a great flair for the good things in nature, make use of it in this regard. For instance, if you have deep awareness about all creatures around you, stop eating them! Likewise, instead of killing, trap the animals like:

  • Spiders, and
  • Flies

You can even generate a sense of realization not to:

  • Use plastic
  • Litter, or
  • Waste food.·

All such activities will show your deep connection to the planet and will guide you through spiritual enlightenment.

Nothing is permanent in this world and attachment in any form does not make sense

Remember, you came into this world all alone and are going to leave the world the same way – all alone! On account of this, it does not make any sense to have great attachments towards anything. Attachments usually take the form you define them. For instance, it could mean things like:

  • The shoes you wear.
  • Who you spend time with.
  • What you read.
  • How you spend the money.
  • The car you drive.
  • What you eat.
  • Who you vote for.

Discover your true self and define yourself adequately

During your growing years, a lot of people around you and their beliefs, ideas, and opinions have a significant influence on your upbringing. As a consequence, your description or beliefs are based on what others tell you, including:

  • Your friends.
  • Parents.
  • The media, and more.

When you are looking for perfect answers to spiritual awakening, you will need to rediscover yourself. This will permit you to take off the veil of statements like:

  • I’m always late.
  • I’m vegan.
  • I’m smart, and more.

Remember, these are just another layer or a veil. When you become aware of these veils, it enables you to become transparent. This in turn aids you to rediscover your inner self which is the first step towards spiritual enlightenment.

The path to enlightenment is not bumpy at all

You can relax with ease because the path to enlightenment is not as bumpy as you may imagine. You need to get rid of these obstacles which are mostly self-chosen ones. For instance, your desire for a lavish life with the least hassles can pose a threat to this path. Get rid of this obstacle and you can have the last laugh!

In case you are experiencing any difficulty in this regard, you can rely on the teachings of God. These teachings are highly appreciated for letting you know, your sensations and thoughts are not personal. In contrast, they are impersonal and neutral events that generate awareness in you.

It will aid you to work on your gray areas methodically and consciously. In a sense, this will go a long way in purifying your mind and soul. For example, you can adopt result-oriented practices like:

  • Spiritual study.
  • Devotion.
  • Meditation.
  • Ethics.

Go for other traditional approaches that give immense emphasis to the ‘already present’ aspects concerning enlightenment. Have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the same. Try to imbibe them around your life. Lead a simple life in the ‘present’ without any major attachment. This approach is typically coined as a ‘sudden approach’.

The other approach is called the ‘gradual approach’.

The main difference between the two is the language used. In the latter approach, importance is given to incorporating a systematic pattern to spiritual growth.

It contains essential features like:

  • You can expect to visualize more results including other areas not related to your life.
  • Use numerous tools and practices.
  • You can keep a track of your progress.