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Spiritual Death is a concept within the Christian religion. The separation from God that the soul experiences upon entering the material plane leads to Spiritual Death. In essence, every person born on the planet in spiritually dead. However, this isn’t anything to worry about. Christian religion also provides answers that tell you how you can alleviate Spiritual Death.

What is Spiritual Death?

Within Christianity, true happiness can be achieved by being in communion with God. Christian practices help followers lead dignified lives that can one day help them ascend to Heaven. After death, the soul either ascends to Heaven or descends to Hell. The destination the soul will arrive at is determined by the life the person lives.

Christian scriptures provide clues on Spiritual Death. In Christianity, there are two main kinds of Spiritual Death. The first is caused by the soul’s separation from God, and is a natural part of life. The latter happens when a person commits sins. These sins separate them from God even further – and is another form of Spiritual Death.

Different Christian belief systems relate to Spiritual Death in different ways. But the signs of Spiritual Death are similar. A person who is spiritually dead tends to show disinterest towards spiritual pursuits, does not understand spirituality, and does not enjoy spirituality at all. The benefits of leading a spiritual life don’t carry any weight to someone who is spiritually dead.

Another sign of Spiritual Death is active hostility towards God. Such a person may not resonate with the Divine, and may not lead fulfilling lives.

What is the Protestant Belief on Spiritual Death?

Protestant scriptures make no mention of Spiritual Death. Within Protestantism, Spiritual Death is primarily the separation from God and the existence of the soul without it. It bears no connection to either physical death, or the second death within Christianity.

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What are the Mormon Beliefs on Spiritual Death?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints provides a lot of information on Spiritual Death. They differentiate Spiritual Death into two forms.

The first of these is Temporal Death. This is the separation from God the soul experiences upon birth, and is caused by the Original Sin. Adam and Eve committed the sin of eating the forbidden fruit. Then, they lied to God about their actions. This caused God to punish them. God’s punishment caused them to age and live a mortal life. It also brought about spiritual disentanglement from God.

This punishment was not reserved for Adam and Eve. All their descendants – every human who is born on this planet, must die. The Original Sin is what led to physical death for humans.

Mormon beliefs also talk about another Spiritual Death. While every living person will die eventually, their actions within their lifetime are their own. The misuse of free will to lead immoral lives causes the second Spiritual Death. This Spiritual Death is a result of Individual Sin. Spiritual Death is then the result of Sin. It is either caused by the Original Sin, or by Individual Sin.

What are the signs of Spiritual Death?

Although souls are born into this world spiritually dead, people can still experience the spirituality in their lives. Many people do experience spirituality, and turn to God to lead better lives. To understand how you can tell what Spiritual Death is, you must look for the signs of Spiritual Death:

  • Lack of spiritual desire: A person who is spiritually dead will show no interest in religion, spirituality, Christianity, or any pursuit that can bring them close to God. They will not willingly perform actions that will improve their spiritual progress.
  • No spiritual understanding: A spiritually dead person will not understand the benefits that spirituality can bring into their lives. Such a person may feel the separation from God’s essence, but not understand how it affects them.
  • Diminishing spiritual strength: Joy, happiness, a sense of community – these are signs of positive spiritual strength. A person who lacks spiritual strength may struggle in life, experience sadness, and feel lethargic.
  • Spiritual pursuits do not bring them enjoyment: A spiritually dead person will shun spiritual activities. They will not find pleasure in pursuing spiritual progress.

Another sign of Spiritual Death comes in the form of contempt or hatred for God. Those who are hostile towards God are experiencing Spiritual Death.

Is there any way to remove the pain of Spiritual Death?

Scriptures say that every person who is alive is spiritually dead. However, God’s grace provides for a solution. Through his Atonement, Jesus Christ made it possible for human beings to alleviate Spiritual Death. When he willingly chose to suffer and sacrifice himself for people, he redeemed humanity.

The teachings of Jesus Christ contain all the answers a person needs to overcome Spiritual Death. Together with the teachings in the Gospel, Christ’s guidance provides a solution that allows every follower to lead a spiritual existence. Even though people are separated from God while alive, they can still experience his love and grace by practicing Christianity in their daily lives.

Even those who have committed sinful acts can seek redemption by turning to Christianity. In this way, they will eventually alleviate Spiritual Death and experience positive growth and fulfillment in their lives.

Why should you overcome Spiritual Death?

In Christianity, the soul does not die when the body does. Spiritual Death pushes the soul away from God’s divine essence. To be in communion with Him, it is necessary to alleviate Spiritual Death. Christian writings also speak of a second Spiritual Death that awaits those who have not atoned in their lives. This will happen during Judgment Day. When Christ is resurrected and returns to Earth, he will take his followers with him to Heaven. Those who commit sinful acts and those who shun God will not be able to go to Heaven with Christ. That is why atonement and repenting for sins is necessary. Anyone who wants to lead prosperous, joyful and spiritual lives both in this life, and in the next, should overcome Spiritual Death.