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Spirituality is a very broad concept that connects various aspects of life together. To arrange it into simple words spirituality means connecting ourselves to something bigger than ourselves and which is usually practiced to search a meaning in our lives. If you are a breathing human, you can experience & practice spirituality. No matter from which ethnic background you belong or which higher being you believe in. Sometimes people who experience spiritual connection describe it as a sacred connection or witness a deeper sense of Aliveness.

You can observe that a major part of the society interconnects or link their spiritual life to their belief or faith with a church, temple, mosque, etc. While another part of the society finds comfort in praying in isolation between them and the higher power they believe in. They do not find it mandatory, or they do not attach their spiritual connection to the temple, mosque, etc. There’s still a tiny amount of people left which incorporate their spiritual connection with nature or art, some into music while others dance to name a few. It is not important or not necessary that you stick to the same belief throughout your life. People have new experiences, new incidents throughout their lives which leads to their shift from one belief to another and onto another.

Unlock the power of your Subconscious with Spirituality,

Image your brain is a computer and as you know computers cannot work without a hard drive, they need this storing device to keep all the information the computer has. Well, your subconscious is like that hard drive to your computer. It is a very vast inventory of thoughts, information, and experiences. You might forget what you did today or yesterday and 10 years ago. But your subconscious records everything and forgets nothing.

You are nothing without your subconscious because your conscious mind cannot retain all the information. All our day-to-day activities for example brushing your teeth, driving to the office, eating, etc are possible because of our subconscious. It’s estimated that 95% of our bodily functions are regulated by our subconscious mind. We can relate it to the icebergs which we see on the surface of the water, what’s underneath the water is even bigger than what we see on the surface.

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This powerful tool is also essential in other areas such as building a healthy and dynamic character. Using your subconscious effectively you can also imbibe life changing qualities within oneself like leadership, timing management, courage, etc. Our good deeds or positive things we do are marked and get imprinted upon our subconscious and forms a positive pattern of behavior. The problem arises when negative thought patterns or destructive experiences get imprinted upon our subconscious mind. These bad experiences and negative thoughts get retrieved later by our conscious mind which sometimes causes havoc in our lives. For example, when a person gets into substance. That person has generated not only a physical addiction but also has programmed this behavior into his subconscious. And this makes the addiction or habit even harder to break.

The point is neither our consciousness nor our subconscious can change anything you send it, they do not have free will. This is why it is important for oneself to be careful while programming the subconscious mind. Have you ever came across the term “Divine Light”? While practicing spirituality there comes a moment, where you connect yourself with the higher self, and once that point is reached. People witness this concept called divine light, some people refer to them as Angels, while some refer to them as their subconscious. This Divine Light is the most effective tool for cleansing the subconscious mind of negative and destructive thought patterns. Spiritual energy is known to help rebuild and provide strength to our subconscious with new spiritual power.

If you are looking to achieve success in your life, you must expect and nurture success, only then you will be able to manifest success into your lives. By working with spiritual energy, a person can speed up the process of strengthening his or her subconscious mind. Having your subconscious as your best friend, you can achieve great things. Incorporate practicing positive thought patterns into your daily lives and nourish your subconscious with the ‘Divine Light’ and witness your life blossom.

Incorporating Spirituality into Leadership,

Before we get to spirituality’s role in leadership, let’s learn about a quick meaning of the two aspects of the phrase “the spirit and the leader”. A definition of the spirit defines it as. “The characteristics of a person which are considered to be separate from the body, and which many religions believe continue to exist after the body dies”. The spirit refers to some deeper sense, significance, or meaning of a thing.

Similarly, one definition of a leader is. “A leader is someone who can see how things can be improved and who rallies people to move toward that better vision”. One which causes other people to follow some course of action. Hence, a leader can be called the one which influences others to think in his way. After combining these two terms, it suggests that the leader who incorporates spirituality into his or her leadership skill. Will be the one that causes other people to look out and know their inner true selves.

Also, who encourages a sense of meaning and also significance amongst their followers. We can define a spiritual leader as a united approach to leadership in which the leader works hard to incorporate a sense of interconnectedness and significance amongst their employees.

 Spirituality in leadership incorporates the use of spiritual values and its principles in the workplace. A spiritual leader knows the value and importance of his or her employees. They find meaning in his or her employee’s work and demonstrates true concern for the person as a “whole”. Not just the person as an employee. Such a leader helps others for finding reason/meaning in their work by helping them address fundamental question such as:

· What is and should be one’s greater purpose?

· What should be the values and ethical principles of an organization?

· What will and should be a person’s legacy?

Let’s look at the importance of spiritual leadership practice at the workplace, as it plays a major part in the work-place. The majority of the employees look at their work-place as a means of finding reason/meaning in their lives. For example, the majority of people in today’s date will identify themselves as some members of religious faith. Most of them do not visit formal religious events and only have a weak faith with a particular church, temple, etc as this practice is declined over the years in every religion. This easily explains why majority of people tend to derive greater reason/meaning from their work and their organizations.

Most people spend a more significant amount of time with their co-workers than anybody or anywhere else. It is very common to have good friendships, court-ships, and happening marriages among co-workers nowadays. Today’s modern workplace is just not a place where employees work. Also, someplace where they form good friendships, usually socialize, and indulge in an attempt to find a sense of meaning or fulfilment. It can also be called a place where employees attempt to make a sense of and get meaning from such activities which we call “work or productiveness”.

This contest for finding meaning that spirituality in the workplace provides should be practiced to generate an ideal workplace for one’s employees.

Advantages of practicing Spirituality in Leadership,

As there is very little research regarding the role of spirituality in the workplace. It is very difficult to say with accuracy what surely are the benefits of spirituality and how to precisely implement them for the same. However, enough research regarding this has been conducted by researchers to suggest some few but very potential benefits of indulging a spiritual aspect into leadership. Watching from the perspective of the followers of spirituality, incorporating spiritual aspect into leadership has the potential to create a different workplace that is more human likely. And which provides a sense of connected community along with shared purpose.

Having the perspective of such an organization, including the spiritual aspect in leadership can lead to possibilities of greater trust, trust amongst fellow employees, and the most important, commitment amongst employees. This in turn can have productive effects on organizational performance. By keeping the organization first, the spiritual leaders do not lose touch with the middle and the lower levels of the organization, also they encourage others to do the same. As more and more people of the organization get acquainted with these practices. Also, when new ideas are shared throughout the organization. The organization has a very great chance to adapt and grow.

However, we should not consider spirituality as some “device” which can be used for having positive outcomes into the organization. But we should be a true believer in the concept being a leader.