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The world is filled with different cultures, religions, traditions, and languages. People who live in one part of the world follow different traditions and cultures when compared to those living in another part of the world. In fact, there are people living in the same geographical location who have different beliefs and practices. While people all around the world are different, one thing that keeps them united is spirituality. Spirituality is universal. Unlike religion, traditions, culture, and language, it is not constrained to a group of people. Everyone can experience spiritual enlightenment if they believe in it.

What is spiritual enlightenment?

Spiritual enlightenment or spiritual awakening has no definition. It is used to describe many things, from something as simple as how eating ice cream feels to the peace you experience after practicing meditation. Spiritual enlightenment is a rich and complex experience that is different to different people, and very hard to define.

A few people have attempted to define spiritual awakening, which is very narrow and specific. The complete suspension or discontinuation of one’s identity, and identifying oneself as a separate self, a person without traces of ego is thus described as an enlightened person. The definition sets the bar too high as to qualify as spiritually awakened, one must experience the complete dissolution of their identity. The perspective of the definition of spiritual enlightenment means that only a few people qualify as enlightened.

There are other perspectives that contradict the one stated above. The opposite approach to spiritual awakening defines spiritual enlightenment as everyone being enlightened with an awake consciousness. As the word ‘everyone’ in this context leads to the experience of enlightenment losing its uniqueness, another perspective is widely accepted, the combined approach.

The combined perspective of spiritual enlightenment includes both approaches. The combined approach recognizes the consciousness that is always awake and enlightened, but the awake consciousness or the amount of wakefulness varies. It acknowledges that there is a difference in the amount of conscious enlightenment that each person experiences, as well as the amount of awake awareness that a person experiences at different times. There is a potential for full enlightenment as well.

Can you achieve spiritual enlightenment?

For years, people have yearned for spiritual enlightenment or awakening as it helps you experience as well as strengthen your senses. Spirituality gave Gauthama Buddha peace of mind, and Muhammad and Jesus the power to lead others. The concept of being spiritually awakened is having the ability to understand yourself completely, and the world around you. Spirituality has no religion, and to be enlightened, you do not have to follow particular steps. The path I take may not offer you the spiritual enlightenment that you seek. But the stages of enlightenment are the same to all. They include

  • Stage 1 – The experience and understanding of the actual reality of the things around, or the things in your environment, and feeling of calmness.
  • Stage 2 – Being connected to your environment, you will feel like your soul is merging with nature. You will find happiness in every little thing.
  • Stage 3 – A sudden realization that you are not connected to the environment around you, while, in fact, you are the environment, you are everything around you.

The experience is different to different people, and the path taken by each is different as well. But one can experience enlightenment if they attempt to.

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Easy ways to achieve spiritual enlightenment

Unfortunately, there are no distinct set of steps that will help you attain spiritual enlightenment, but there are commonalities in people who have experienced spiritual awareness. The information has helped to compile easy ways in which one can achieve enlightenment. Here are some easy ways.

Stay honest to yourself

One of the most vital aspects of attaining spiritual enlightenment is to be honest with yourself. We find it easy to be honest with clothes, but how often do we practice honesty with ourselves? Honesty is a long journey and you cannot reach your destination within a day. Being true to yourself may be a painful process. You may feel scared, but you must understand that once you see the changes in your life, you will learn to accept it. Start by taking baby-steps to experience the changes in your perspective. Experience the fulfillment you feel by being honest to yourself, and you can complete your journey with ease.

Take care of yourself

Being enlightened is the acceptance of higher consciousness. The expansion of your consciousness depends on your physical, mental, and emotional health. To be able to feel the connection between yourself and the higher power, you must take care of yourself. Do not allow your internal system, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health to be clogged by lethargy or other unnatural substance. Do not block the opportunity to be awakened. Keep your body healthy and clean, and ready for spiritual enlightenment.

Don’t let ego control your life

There are different perspectives or approaches to the definition of enlightenment, and as per the first definition mentioned above, there is no place for ego if you want to experience a spiritual awakening. Spiritually enlightened people are caring, kind, and down-to-earth. They may not have been like this their entire life, but they practiced letting go of their ego in an attempt to attain enlightenment. It is not difficult to let go of the ego, which is just a product of your thoughts.

Learn to let go

Can spiritual awakening be forced? Can you command or demand the higher power to enlighten you? Being attached to the idea of experiencing a spiritual awakening may not let you experience it. You must learn to let go. The journey is long and there are a lot of opportunities to grab, paths to follow, and responsibilities to fulfill. If you believe that if you have chosen the right path, you will experience spiritual enlightenment.

Practice forgiveness

In life, you may experience a lot of pain, pain caused by others and some caused by you as well. At times you may feel that it is impossible to forgive someone for the hurt you have experienced. Unless you free your mind of the hatred you feel towards someone, you will not be led into the path of enlightenment. Forgive others as well as yourself for the things of the past and accept the peace it offers in the present and the future.

Embrace your fears

Do not allow fear to take control of your life. Do not let it stop you from fulfilling your dreams. One of the major differences between common people and people who are spiritually enlightened is that enlightened people do not let fear control their life. You must learn to accept risks and failures and embrace the dread you feel.

Practice meditation and yoga

Meditation is one of the oldest practices and widely accepted ways to be enlightened. Meditation and yoga have been practiced for ages to help get rid of the negativity that builds up within us. The practice helps to get rid of the external noises that control our lives and allows us to concentrate on being real. The goal of practicing meditation is to clear the mind and yoga to clear the body of all ailments that hold us down in pursuit of serenity. The practice is medicine to the mind and the body, which helps you connect with your spiritual self and feel less connected with the earthly things.

Detach yourself from worldly things

Human beings are attached to their worldly possessions. Everyone wants a luxurious mansion, a posh car, a lot of money, and more materialistic things. They grow attached to things that make life easy. Do not live your life in pursuit of these things, instead, learn to detach yourself from worldly possessions. You live one life, and once the life is over, you leave everything behind. Instead of chasing things that you do not need, learn to live a minimal life. Let go of things you do not need.

Pray and pilgrimage

We have established that spirituality has no religion. It’s true! Religion and spirituality are two different concepts. You may not have a religion you can connect with and yet attain spiritual enlightenment. To many people, praying to a deity offers them peace and tranquility that no other practice does. They succeed in forming a connection with themselves, which helps them achieve peace of mind.


One of the most powerful emotions in the world, love, has the power to enlighten you. It is hard to believe but true. There is nothing in this world that you cannot attain, with the power of love. To be able to reap the benefits of love, you must not only love those around you but love yourself as well. Love yourself, the people around you, animals, nature, your life, and everything that it has to offer. Love is an emotion that strengthens the positive energy you feel within you, and in turn, create a path to enlightenment.

Many people believe that the use of Psychedelic drugs such as mushrooms, LSD, or marijuana is a path to enlightenment. Psychedelics have been used in human history by various cultures as a source to achieve spiritual enlightenment. But to a heart and mind, that is determined to achieve true fulfillment, the path to spiritual enlightenment is not through Psychedelics.