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Migraines are headaches of varying intensity, often accompanied by nausea, sickness, and sensitivity to light and sounds. These can occur on one side of the head or on both. This chronic condition plagues 39 million people in the United States alone. Debilitating pains and pounding sensations associated with migraines are linked to changes in serotonin levels, hereditary factors, and even hormones.

Migraines can make a person feel helpless in the clutches of pain. It is easy to feel as if you have no control over this bodily reaction. You may find yourself reaching out for pills when dealing with intense headaches, but their effects may be in vain. Have you ever wondered if the cause of your migraine is something beyond current scientific understanding? Headaches can have metaphysical explanations. In order to shun a migraine and prevent its onslaught, it is important to first understand how and where it originates from.

Spiritual Root of Migraines

Migraines can have physical causes, such as lack of sleep, sinus problems, and stress-related issues. But they can also reveal an imbalance in your spiritual energy. The following are some phenomenon that point to the spiritual root of migraines.

The over- and under-activation of the crown chakra

The crown chakra, or the ajna chakra, may also become congested or blocked if it is unbalanced. The third eye chakra is the mind’s eye. Ajna is a Sanskrit word that translates to “perception”. The third eye is located between the brows and is sixth chakra in the body. It represents higher wisdom. Some of the qualities the third eye chakra represents include:

  • Perceiving the subtle reality
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Discerning truth and falsehood

When balanced, the third eye will help you in distinguishing fantasy from reality. It will enforce detachment in your actions but focus on clarity.

However, if the kundalini flow of energy between the root and the crown is disturbed, it may bring on a headache. In any stage of spiritual awakening if the flow is excessive, it may lead to an over-activation of the chakras. Awakening of the crown chakra may lead to pressure on the head and intense pain in the head and neck area. This is why it is advisable to be cautious in the stages of chakra-opening. It may have even more adverse effects than migraines.

When in overdrive mode, the third eye chakra may be the cause of an overactive imagination and hallucinations. A migraine or headache is a common physical symptom that can manifest in such a situation. You may also feel as if you are being bombarded with ideas and visions. You may feel yourself slipping from reality. Indecision is another symptom of an overactive third eye chakra.

A blocked or under-active third eye chakra is equally concerning and can be equally responsible for frequent migraines, headaches, and the blocking of the sinus pathway. It may become the cause of other neurological disorders as well. This may also lead to negative thought patterns and feelings such as:

  • Panic and fear
  • A sense of listlessness and lack of purpose
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Shutting out your spiritual side and intuition
  • Being stuck in routine chores and schedules
  • Inability to self-reflect and introspect
  • A sense of disconnectedness from reality

Toxic emotions and triggers in the root chakra may lead to sluggishness and a lack of flow in the spiritual energy which is responsible to throw them out. In this way any absence of flow to the crown chakra may lead to blockages and be a cause for splitting headaches. It then becomes necessary to remove negative energies from the astral body. We must be cautious to prevent any soaking up or drawing of toxic energies in our auras.

Attack from lower astral entities

Believe it or not, we are surrounded by otherworldly astral beings. They can aid our spiritual journey or hinder it depending on their nature and motivations.

Splitting headaches and pressure behind the eyes and on the top of the head and between brows are common signs of a parasitic attack of negative lower entities. There may be a sensation of a heavy weight between the neck and shoulders. It is not uncommon that one’s spiritual aura be infested by unwanted astral beings. These beings regress spiritual growth and infiltrate one’s aura, spreading toxic energy.

If attached to the top of your head or shoulders, they may trigger the feeling of pressure on one’s head. Low energy, and a blurred perception of reality is common. Unexplained headaches without medical causes, together with a sense that one is not quite oneself, may be signs enough that your energy and body is host to these hostile lower astral beings. Such beings exercise influence over thought patterns and suggestions while contributing to negative energies. They need to be thrown out as soon as possible, before they can grow in strength and size in their subtle bodies.


Meditation itself can be the spiritual root of migraines if one is new to it or is trying to enforce its positive effects too soon and too quickly. Opening of the chakras requires force, but it requires ample energy flow and the right momentum. Opening up to the other dimensions means that you are dislodging physical and emotional trauma from the subtle body. Meditation chiefly focuses on the Pineal gland which is located in the center of your head. It recognizes stored up negative energies and stresses that one may have accumulated over the years and across lives. Delving deep into our spiritual reality would inevitably bring about pain of the emotional or physical kind, since it is begging for its ultimate release.

However, it is important that one is not discouraged even if the practice may seem to worsen one’s headaches. If the spiritual root of migraines is indeed spiritual, then you will be able to alleviate it slowly.

Healing tools for migraines

For chakra healing, you may take the help of essential oils, healing crystals, and plants. Regular use will help in relieving the aches and pains, as well as the associated symptoms of nausea and dizziness. These would also help in banishing negative entities attached to your energy field or aura.

The following are some plants that may help.

1. Basil – the basil plant, more specifically the “Holy Basil” revered in Ayurveda and known as Tulsi in Hindi. Basil leaves can be boiled in water to prepare for steaming. Basil essential oil may also be mixed with a carrier oil and massaged onto the temple area.

2. Citrullus colosynthis, or Indrayan – the oil from the roots of this plant may be used as a salve to cure migraines.

3. Aparajita, koel, or butterfly pea – a paste formed from the root and seeds of the plant may be applied to the temples to alleviate migraine pain.

4. Dhania, or coriander – this plant extract may alleviate headaches, nausea and vertigo.

5. Butterbur – the root extract of this plant may be used to treat headaches of varying degrees, as well as asthma and pain problems.

6. Peppermint – peppermint leaves and essential oils can be used to treat headache spasms and nausea.

7. Willow bark – willow bark acts as an anti-inflammatory and can be used as a pain-relieving agent.

8. Lavender – lavender essential oil can help you sleep better, reduce stress, and relieve migraines. You can use it in the steaming method, by boiling water that has 2-4 drops of the oil in it.

Healing crystals interact with the energies in the body to cleanse energy blockages and heal the aura. Some crystals that can help in alleviating migraines and headaches include:

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1. Amythest – this purple crystal will improve your sleep, resolve clogged negative energy and relieve stress.

2. Lapis Lazuli – this blue crystal is best to alleviate the symptoms of nausea and vomiting that may often accompany migraines. It will also help soothe the nerves and calm the aura.

3. Rose Quartz – this beautiful stone is associated with feminine energy. It brings the energy of love to ease tension and nerves.

4. Selenite – this translucent crystal is calming to look at and radiates positive energy, thereby relieving stress. This stone will help you in getting rid of any remnants of stagnant energy.

Detachment from the pain

Your energy field must be clear in order to relieve physical symptoms of energy blockage that manifest in the form of headaches. Recognize the spiritual root of migraines and eliminate it. Sorting out your lifestyle and getting rid of sources of anxiety and stress can do wonders for an energy cleanse. Be conscious in the moment, relax, and focus on your breathing when such attacks occur. Detach yourself from the pain. Do not resist the pain, as it will only worsen the suffering. If it is a psychic attack, any form of psychic healing and retribution would ebb it out. And if you find that the results are not so concrete, then keep faith that long-term practice will alleviate your pains.