Spiritual Awakening Levels You Should Know About

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Spirituality is considered a journey during which we pass through various spiritual awakening levels to reach our goal of self-awareness and knowing the ultimate truth of life. It is a process of continuous awareness by expanding our spiritual horizon. It is unfolding our ego and peeling those layers one-by-one till our lofty spirit is left. From here onwards, the spirit takes full control of our consciousness, and we come to the level of oneness with this universe.

Spiritual awakening is always the awareness of the present moment and a feeling to change ourselves. With this frame of mind, let us look at the spiritual awakening levels on the way to reaching our destination. Each level takes us to self-discovery and realization.

The journey depends on the thought process, different situations we are passing through in our lives, and our perception of the world.

Inner Conflict

When we start moving through the spiritual awakening levels, a situation of conflict occurs in our minds. There are times in our lives when we feel that life has no meaning left for us. When things are not in our hands, we are on a roller coaster of anger, frustration, and self-doubt. We are unhappy and feel the desire to take our life into our own hands. Sometimes the death of our loved ones, a tragedy, or a trauma, tends to trigger spiritual awakening. We want to connect to those who are no longer physically with us. It leads to a situation of conflict between what we perceive and what is the truth.


Here we get an indication that we need to understand and improve our self-awareness. That leads us to the next step of spiritual awakening levels through inquisitiveness. An awakening always starts with the step by step shifting of our consciousness.

We realize that we have to change ourselves and not the world. We look vigorously for information about anything related to the soul and spirituality. The answers start focusing our attention on love and gratitude. We also start exploring spirituality for all metaphysical things. At this level, we get a feeling that we are on this earth for a reason.

To resolve our inner conflict, we will have to listen to our brain, heart, and mind intently, like one of our loved ones. Then we will be able to understand what we were trying to silence. Next, let us analyze that whether it is really a conflict. Finally, we see that it is internal to us or just some trivial external issue.


Our consciousness expands, and we begin to see the world on a deeper level. With this awareness, we feel one with the universe. We perceive the need to start walking on the path for a higher purpose. At this level, we go through the process of self-discovery and learn about our future growth.

Our inspiration follows us. There are challenges, no doubt, but we are better equipped emotionally and spiritually to deal with them.

In this level of spiritual awakening, we experience our relationship with the universe and its magic. Our main objective is to heal ourselves and to help others in their journeys. There are several spiritual healing techniques. This level is most important among all the spiritual awakening levels.

Deciding the Path

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There can be several paths or techniques which will take us to our destination. These techniques could include:

By using Tarot cards, we understand the past, present, or future to understand ourselves.

Healing with Ayurveda and yoga- the ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practices.

Subconscious healing with hypnotherapy

Healing with Reiki- a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing.

Chinese technique, Tai-Chi proponents follow the concept of Original Spirit. The Original Spirit is calm, accepting, and flexible.

Awakening seven Chakras with meditation.

When we aspire to do something, the whole universe comes together to manifest our dreams. We begin to feel a robust connection with the universe by engaging ourselves in spiritual practices.

Following the path

After deciding the path for spiritual awakening levels, it is very important to follow the same. At this level, the spiritual seekers move away from their regular jobs and seriously start following a holistic approach as per their needs to reach the goal. Regular practice, study, and discipline will help us to fulfill our more profound vision of spiritual awareness. Spiritual practice removes physical and mental blockages that blocked our desires. With consistent practice, joy and happiness become our fundamental nature. We take life less seriously. We start realizing that our feelings, thoughts, and emotions shape our reality. Now, for us, the world is full of kindness and compassion. Instead, there are no limits to our abilities.

Reaching the Goal

As we reach our destination, i.e., the last step of spiritual awakening levels, our illusion that we are separate from oneness dissolves. With the total surrender of all emotions and judgments, the mind becomes silent. We pursue our path and realize that life has started running smoothly. Our intuition gets stronger. It starts attracting creative ideas in abundance. We also begin feeling experiences of grace and little miracles that lead us closer to our destination

We may even experience a connection to the higher self. With the strengthened soul we start confronting the emotions of fear, anger, and guilt.

The journey can be compared with that of a butterfly. As a butterfly breaks free from its cocoon, the spiritual awakening helps us rise and free ourselves from social stigmas. Very few achieve this level as it requires intense devotion and commitment.


Spiritual awakening is a gradual process. It doesn’t imply being happy all the time but learning to rise above life’s difficulties and experience greater peace of mind.

In this process, we pass through various levels for self-realization. There can be several ways to achieve this, and all are valid to reach our destination. Finally, the feeling of awakening is mesmerizing. Now life is more than complete.