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Spiritual awaking is a paradigm shift that changes the way you experience everything. It is, in layman terms, described as the notion of being at par with oneness. The disillusion of rigid individual beliefs, material needs and societal concerns are faded away. You are uplifted from your assigned roles. You understand the mundane nature of some rituals and social obligations. The essence of life becomes clear to you.

Mostly, spiritual awaking is an ineffable experience. To an outsider, it looks like nothing has changed. To the person who experiences it, the universe feels different. It feels like the individual is one with the cosmic patterns. In such experiences, you unlearn more than you learn. You unlearn many trivial details that hold you back. You unlearn the lessons that control your free spirit.

Spiritual awaking differs in intensity. Some experiences leave a life-long imprint whereas some are short-lived. Many individuals follow regular routines of spiritual awaking. Spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and chanting are followed to maintain the attained level of spirituality.

The role of energy in Spiritual Awaking

In Spirituality, we believe in energy. We are a form of energy. If we align our energies, then we are at peace. Chaos erupts when our energies misalign. We can align our energies through chakra healing, crystal healing and meditation. In spiritual awaking, there is transformation of energy. Energy from different parts of our body is heightened. This transformation breeds truth and simplicity. It reflects your truest self.

Different levels/stages of spiritual awaking

  • The first is a level of relaxation and calmness. There is no external noise or worry. You are only focused on the present. The past and the future do not rule over you.
  • The second is a level of environmental oneness. You become aware of your surroundings. If you are sitting in a natural setting, the elements of nature connect with you. You derive joy from these elements, like flowers, the sweet sound of birds.
  • The third is a level of enlightenment. Here, you do not experience your physical body. You feel as if you are floating in an open space. You are limitless and there is nothing controlling you. This is the final stage and the most difficult to attain. Many spiritual leaders practice for years to achieve this level. This resembles a transcendental experience.

Benefits of Spiritual Awaking

  • Self Awareness
  • Positive emotions
  • Growth Mindset
  • More Empathy and Compassion
  • More focused living

Basic points to follow for spiritual awaking-

  • Let go of your ego
  • Be true to yourself
  • Face your fears
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Do not hold intense emotional grudges
  • Detach from the material world
  • Do not let power rule you
  • Let go of social comparisons
  • Show your love
  • Be authentic about your love

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Signs that point towards spiritual awaking

An evident change in your behavior

Spirituality changes many small actions within your daily routine. It alters the way you react – you transform from being impulsive to decisive. You become kind and gentle. There is no indulgence in unnecessary arguments. You do not waste time in mundane activities.

This change of behavior is also noted by your closed people. They might talk to you about your vibrant demeanor.

Strong Emotional Wellbeing

With spiritual awaking, your emotions get regulated. There is no longer emotional dependence or fixation on any individual or material good. You break down your rigid boundaries. The occurrence of negative emotions, like jealously and greed, reduces. You also possess the energy to face your innermost emotions, These emotions can be fear, guilt, regret etc. You confront these emotions and accept them.

Reflective Attitude

Once you have reached a level of spirituality, you enjoy savoring. Savoring is a way to fully enjoy a positive experience. It is an intentional-thought process. You can savor an activity at hand, for example: you take a second to truly enjoy the experience of eating your favorite dessert. Savoring can be opted for past good experiences as well. For example: You can feel joy by recalling the blissful experience you had last month on a vacation.

There is a Buddhist Phenomenon called Stopping and Seeing. It dictates that you should stop and see the activity you are doing. This reflective behavior promotes well-being. Reflection helps us in reassessing our behavior. It improves us. Reflection is a major sign of Spiritual awaking. It is forgotten in modern busy schedules.

Modified Priorities and Values

We get tangled in a lot of priorities in our daily lives. We never set our true priorities and waste precious resources on trivial matters.

Through a spiritual experience, our values and priorities change. We move from material needs to spiritual needs. There is less focus on social comparison. More attention is derived towards matters of utmost importance. Examples are family, health, well-being of the community, the natural world.

Your innermost values evolve with spirituality. There is more attention on honesty, integrity, authenticity. Values of polity and web of social hierarchy loose significance.

Change in Lifestyle Choices

Along with behavior changes, there is shift in lifestyle choices.

  • There is an improved sleep schedule, deliberating minimum seven hours of sleep. Spirituality understands that the human body needs rest to replenish.
  • There are changes in dietary patterns as well.
  • An inner inclination towards plant-based healthy food items is noted. These changes are incorporated to achieve a positive holistic lifestyle.
  • Avoidance of Negative habits like gossip, smoking, eating junk, criminal activities and more.
  • Incorporating positive habits such as chanting and meditation
  • Taking conscious care of the external environment
  • Nurturing different elements of the external natural world

Repulsion of material things

We all hoard goods. For us, expensive stuff is more valuable. We appreciate people who are more wealthy than us. Once Spirituality touches your life, You grow out of this bubble. Material gains no longer matter to you. If you buy more and more expensive clothing and accessories, they would not bring joy to you. You rise above this petty of materialistic values. You see people as souls and not bank balances. You connect with people that match your vibrations, not your socioeconomic status. You break-free from this circle of show-off and unnecessary luxury. The life motto for you becomes -“Simple living, high thinking”.

Welcoming Death

The fear of death is a universal fear. Most of us hope to avoid death for as long as possible. Humans aim to achieve immortality, with the advancement of technology.

Spirituality welcomes death. Death is witnessed as a mere transfer of souls/energy. It is not a significant event. The belief is that death is not the end. It is a part of a bigger cosmic journey. Spirituality often includes death notations and chants. It familiarizes individuals with this natural phenomenon.

Unconditional Love

One major sign of spiritual awaking is Unconditional Love. Unconditional love towards different elements of life. An individual can have unconditional love for his/her parents, children or spouse. There can also be love for natural elements like the sky, the earth, the flowers etc. Spirituality teaches you to love beyond the knick-knacks of conditions and give-and-take.

Feeling alone, lost or out-of-place

Since you are experiencing something different from others, you can feel a little lost. This experience is difficult to explain in words and you can also feel alone. This is totally normal. You witness others indulge in unnecessary experiences and you can not stop that. The capitalist world would not stop functioning.

Spiritual awaking is a transition to deeper levels of spirituality. This transition can feel a little tough at times. This is the reason that Spiritual Gurus form groups of people. You can join a group or interact with like-minded people for clarity.

Spiritual Awaking in itself is a sign. It is a sign that you are on the right path to spirituality. You might have multiple awaking instances or a single experience. There is no fixed pattern to this. It is advised to note these emerging signs to understand your personal journey. Your journey is guided by your own soul. There are no black and white rules.

These signs are not uniform as well. Some signs appear up-front whereas some are more innate. Some signs emerge in the beginning and return late. It depends on your personality, your inner belief system and your energy. If you are well aware of the signs, you can be more active in your transformation.

Spiritual living is a higher level of living. It is beyond the measures of our systematic economics and psychology. Spiritual living is immersion in the present. The past and the future remain two distant places. There is no hindrance of expectations and no limitations of language. The vibrations communicate with each other. The energies connect with the natural world. You become one with the universe. You reach the stage of enlightenment. You possess the knowledge of the universe. You understand the mystical working of the world. You experience a state of trance.