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The word ‘spirituality’ is very common to all of us, and its use has suddenly increased in the last decade. With the rise of issues concerning mental health awareness, people are in search of new ways to let their stress go. To avoid stress and any mental illness, a local priest or bishop must have advised you to pray to God. Some people would have also suggested the path of spiritual enlightenment. All these terms sound too traditional and irrational to our modern minds, isn’t it? So, to make it convenient for you, we have come up with this science centric article on discovering the true path of spirituality.

What is Spirituality?

This question strikes us many times in our daily routine. We always wonder what spirituality means and how it can be achieved. Also, in this age of technological advancements where science means everything, spirituality seems to be a very orthodox idea. However, this is not true and spirituality is not that much different from science or rational thinking. Spirituality means having a belief that there is some Supreme power above all, who has the potential to guide us the right way in life. This Supreme power is different to different people. Religious people generally consider their gods as that supreme entity, whereas there are many people who consider the universe as that guiding light.

In reality, spirituality is the journey to find that supreme being and to associate our inner self with that power. When you ultimately discover that prime source of your energy, you find solutions to all your problems. Your life gets sorted, and you feel liberal in the truest sense. Through this blog, we will try to take you to a spiritual journey, which is in fact scientific in its core.

Science and Spirituality- confusion!

There is no doubt that human civilization has grown too far. The advancement that we have made in the science and technology sector has forced us to stop believing in superstitions and orthodox practices. This does not limit to a particular geographical area or a specific religion, but it is observed all across the globe. Our scientific temper has increased significantly because of the in-depth knowledge that we have. Now, we raise ‘why’ before every religious practice or rituals, we have become reason oriented. This evolved trait is contributing to a hassle-free lifestyle, but at the same time it is imposing new barriers to our thinking process. We are not ready to accept that spirituality can be connected to a rational way of thinking, which is entirely false.

Similarities between Spirituality and Science

As we cleared that spirituality and science are not different from each other, now it is necessary to dive deeper into their basic similarities.

Both science and spirituality seek ‘why’

It is true that science is based on logical evidences and conclusions. Spirituality follows the same approach and helps a person in knowing about their true self. The very necessary principle of spiritual practices is to observe precisely.

When you observe the life around, you also observe the problems associated with them, the chaos, the conflicts and finally the conclusion. This process of rationally observing everything and then coming to a conclusion to satisfy your mental wellbeing is a very important component of spirituality. This is exactly how any scientific hypothesis or discovery takes its shape.

It is not false that spirituality is also based on faith, but even that faith revolves around scientific approach. Many spiritual people believe in the existence of God, but they are not just satisfied with what their ancestors have told them. They try to know God and the reason for life on earth. Both scientists and spiritual people are constantly looking out for answers. These answers when found raise another set of questions, and the journey to discover new keeps on going.

Both science and spirituality are practiced for greater mankind and a sustainable environment.

Spiritual practitioners and scientists are working for the same cause- benefit to all. Both try to unfold the deepest mysteries of nature and try to serve the environment. Staying connected to the environment and protecting it are also the lead characteristics of a spiritual being.

Quoting on this, Mahatma Gandhi said “If both science and spirituality go hand in hand, then one can create heaven on the holy earth”. So, if the number of spiritually awakened people increase on our planet, then we can hope to achieve a sustainably developed earth soon.

Spirituality is not orthodox and religion oriented

Yes, this is true, even an atheist person can practice spirituality. There are many religious practices across the world, which does not follow scientific principles. Due to these rituals, spirituality has always been a subject of questioning! But, you should know that spirituality is different from what religion one follows. If your mind is clear and is ready to serve the ones in need, then you can be spiritual too, regardless of the religion you follow.

Even though spirituality is practiced since ages, it is not an orthodox concept. It always talks about newness and seeks answers to establish an unbreakable bond between our inner self and nature.

Ways to achieve spirituality

Our ‘gurus’ always suggest us to self introspect and resolve the persistent conflict going in our brain. Indeed, self introspection is helpful, but for that controlling your senses is necessary. To grab hold on your senses, achieving spirituality is very important. In order to get higher spiritual consciousness, there are some healthy ways, which do not oppose the principles of science.

Yoga and Meditation practices

Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means ‘union’. it symbolises the union of a person’s soul with the soul of the supreme entity. Some non-religious people may not find it pleasing, but the benefits of yoga are infinite and are supported by scientific experiments. When you practice yoga like pranayama, your concentration power significantly increases. This is a precursor to higher spiritual wellness.

Meditative practices, which involve focusing on your breathing pattern, heartbeat, and unnoticeable silence leads you to the path of spiritual success. They also have other benefits like weight management, fast body metabolism and proper functioning of various body systems.

Be Honest to everyone

As spirituality is related to the greater good for mankind, having good moral values is the prerequisite to achieve it. Likewise, honesty keeps us away from performing all other sins, which makes us more ethical.

Being honest is not confined to honesty with the outside world. You also need to be honest to yourself, you should listen to your inner voice and work accordingly. This will keep you determined and focused towards your ultimate goal in life.

Leave the materialistic ego

The importance of a good moral character is already explained in the last point, and to practice it in real life, we also have to let go of our ego.

When we are surrounded by people whose thinking or work is different from ours, we start criticizing them. This is what ego means and it snatches away many lustrous opportunities from a person in his lifetime. This is a part of general human behaviour and one should not be ashamed of it, but must try to get rid of it. If you become successful in keeping your ego aside, then reaching spiritual wellness comes a step closer.

Benefits of spirituality

The benefits of having good spiritual knowledge also hold a scientific ground to it. From providing good health to compassionate nature, spirituality does everything which reduces the burden on our health experts.

Self enlightenment

If you practice spirituality in the right way, then you start realizing that your body is not different from your surroundings. Spirituality makes you aware of the prominence of nature in sustaining your life. It connects your soul with the supreme soul, making you more aware about yourself. When this stage is achieved, you are not worried by daily life problems and finding a solution becomes easier.

Positive impacts on health

Defining public health, the World Health Organization has said that a person can only be healthy if they are fit physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, economically, and sexually. When you are spiritually enlightened, all these aspects of health are covered within. The meditative exercises and yoga which keep you spiritually connected also maintain your physical fitness. A spiritually sound person develops resistance towards any kind of stress, hence your personal wellbeing is well taken care of.

It is generally observed that spiritual people are less vulnerable to depression and other mental health disorders, which makes it even more important.

A fair world with love and brotherhood

Spiritual practices are not only concerned with faith and good observation skills. It also develops moral and social qualities in a practitioner. When a person truly comprehends himself, then the vices of envy, gluttony, and greed stays no more. This makes the person more social and courteous towards the needy and vulnerable sections. Spiritual people understand others’ opinions too and treat everyone on an equal frame.

To conclude, we can say that science and spirituality goes hand in hand instead of being contrary to each other. So, if a person thinks logically and is also capable of maintaining his spiritual wellbeing, then the world can see positive outcomes in the coming years.