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An extensive research has been done that there is a connection between the mental and physical health of a human being. Traits like empathy and curiosity and affect our minds to a great deal. Having a spiritual connection to our surroundings similarly has a huge impact on our mental and physical health. As a result, if a child is spiritual, then it will influence his or her life to a great extent.

Studies have shown that children who are more spiritually inclined are 40% less likely to practice substance abuse. Moreover, these kinds of kids have 60% more chances to cure themselves out of any depressing thoughts as compared to children who do not practice spirituality at all. Spiritual and non-spiritual children also have a huge difference in the structures of their brain.

Who is a Spiritual Child?

A spiritual child is deemed as someone having a connection to a supreme power that is the driving force behind the lives of all living beings. This higher power can be given the name of God, nature, universe, or any natural object such as a tree or a particular animal. The main point of the discussion is that a particular higher spirit has a massive role in guiding the child. It initiates action in the life of the child at various intervals of his or her life.

Religion and spirituality go hand-in-hand. One cannot be separated from the other. So, if a child is spiritually inclined, then he or she will definitely have a high inclination towards worship.

How a Child Develops a Spiritual Connection?

A child develops a spiritual connection with the divine force in various ways. It can be in the form of yoga or meditation. Or, it can be as simple as talking to the pets, a beloved tree, or being in touch with the backyard wildlife. All in all, a spiritually inclined child will be very much connected with the nature. You may find these children having a deep acknowledgement of the natural world around them. They can connect to their surroundings in a supernatural way. It is as if they can listen to the heartbeat of the nature and the universe. They have the ability to be one with something that is unseen to the normal eyes.

A spiritual child is not bound by the barriers of culture, religion, and language. It is a fascination that can happen to any child. A child may feel drawn to the star-filled night sky or a colorful butterfly for no reason. These children have a unique sense of being attracted towards the divine forces of nature. They see these natural phenomenon in a different light as compared to a non-spiritual child.

Role of Parents in the Spiritual Development of a Child

Parents have a huge role in helping the child to develop spiritually. Since birth, parents help the child to learn about the world. Similarly, you also teach your child how to connect with the world on a spiritual level. Though the spiritual faculty of a child is inborn as the science, but as parents, you play a great part in nurturing that god-given talent. It is somewhat equal to a skilled gardener organizing a jungle into a beautiful landscape.

What Spirituality Does to the Child?

Being spiritual makes a child to form a harmony between mind, body, and soul. This is the reason these children are not disturbed easily by the challenges in their life as compared to the non-spiritual children. Studies done of twins shows that humans have a capacity to connect transcendentally to things despite being at a distance from them. So, spirituality is an observable and inborn quality of the human beings. Like speech, emotional, and social development, spiritually is also an inherent part of our being. So, this nonverbal and primal faculty is at its peak in children because they are the embodiment of pure innocence.

How Spiritual Children Connect to Divine?

As compared to older children, younger kids have the ability to connect deeply to the nature around them. The less the verbal faculty, the more the kids will possess the ability to connect with the spiritual elements. They find amazement in snowflakes, flowers, a puddle of water, breeze, or even a garden slug. The nature speaks fluently to kids and they respond with the same energy in return.

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Spiritual Bond Between Parents and Children

The bond of touch and communication between parents and kids also has a huge role in developing their spiritual knowledge. A loving touch or a smile are the acts of love and connection that help a children to connect spiritually and lovingly to the world around them. This transcendent nourishing connection between the parents and the child has a unique spiritual language of its own. Spirituality is the birthright of the kids. When we feed, bath, teach, and play with kids, the affection we show helps a great deal in their spiritual development. This encouragement makes them to channel their inborn faculty and to express themselves more fully.

Developing into a rich spiritual potential has to do a lot with the degree to which the spiritual faculty of the child is nourished by the parents. A parent can easily detect the spiritual prowess of the child by noticing how the child connects with the environment. The way the child connects with the pets, friends, elders, classmates, babies, or creatures that are living in nature, speaks a lot about their spiritual ability. Sometimes, the generous and kind things a kid does for other surprises everyone to a great deal. Many a times a child acts very mature for his or her years. This is a tell tale sign that the child has huge spiritual potential.

How Spiritually Inclined Children Behave?

Spiritually inclined children act very kind towards both humans and animals. You may find your kid give you a loving hug after a long tiring day. Or, your kid may get on his tiptoes when he sees that his pet or scared and needs some pampering. They may becomes more connected to the elders and neighbors as compared to you. So, the natural spirituality of children develops along the years biologically like other factors such as language and other physical factors. So, the spiritual growth of the child remains in sync with the biological growth. The spiritual faculty of the child thrives in the support of the parents just like cognitive, emotional, social, and physical faculties.

The sacred journey of a child can be very visible in front of your eyes. Your child may express a huge desire to join to choir or go to the church with you. This is an extraordinary thing because most of the people of this age are busy playing games. They may want to visit a sacred site or may express the desire to light up a candle in the church. They will ask questions about the otherworldly things. For example, your child may enquire about the reincarnation of his elders. Or, he may be curious to know whether God really punishes the evil and rewards the good.

A spiritual Child is Curious

A spiritual child always remains curious about the workings of the universe. He may ask about the start of the Big Bang and what was before Big Bang! A spiritual child may also pose moral questions about the actions of the humanity in general, such as, why there should be wars! Just like the biological development, the questions a spiritual child poses become more advanced as he grows. It is not like they are looking for specific answers. But, they want you to be with them and encourage them in their journey of discovery and enquiry.

Spiritual growth and development is the birthright of an individual just like any other aspect of development. A clear mind and a warm heart is something that we all are born with. Both parents and children are provided with this faculty by God. We join our child in his spiritual journey when we cater to the spiritual needs of a child such as supporting in enquiry and joining in the prayers.

A spiritually inclined child can change the fate and future of the entire family. A spiritually inclined child is also a vehicle through whom you can continue your own spiritual journey. So, these kind of children are a very special blessing. Their curiosity should be addressed by their parents. Spiritually inclined children should be considered as an extension of the divine power that is trying to connect with us.

So, encourage your child in his or her spiritual journey. This way, you will add to their spiritual faculty which has been already gifted to them by God. Your child may have a totally different way of connecting with the divine. Such children should be understood and supported by the parents. They must be encouraged to follow their spiritual calling and their divine qualities should be motivated to blossom.