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Children are a god-gift. Every child is special to their parent, and parents shower all their love on them. It is through their tiny habits, their words, and giggles that parents find solace and joy. Even if the kids are naughty, parents adore them. No matter what they do, they hold a significant space in the hearts of the parents.

Parents try their very best to raise smart and spiritually evolved children. They follow different practices and try different parenting styles. It is a blessing when a parent finds out that their kids are evolving spiritually. Another word used for such children is “divine children”

Divine Children here do not mean children who showcase any magic or grand divinity. This word is used to focus on the aspect of their growing spirituality. These children are more spiritual than others. They understand the meaning of divine powers and rituals. They connect with the divine symbols of the universe.

What are the signs that a child is becoming spiritual?

If your child is evolving spiritually, there are many cues that you can pick. Once you are able to decipher the growth of your child, you can accordingly complement their development. You can provide them with the best environment and resources.

Curious Nature

Curiosity is mostly common among children. As they grow up, children are inclined to question everything and understand how things function. A child who is evolving spiritually is more curious than others. He or she is not curious to only know but to also learn and follow. If they get answers to any one question, they follow the chain of thought. They are hungry for answers, and they are very quick to learn.

Self Reflection

Most children are not very introspective. They understand things on a surface level as their core emotions are in the developing stage. Spiritually evolved children are more emotionally developed. They are mature and capable of self reflection. Reflection here means the conjunction of many things, from empathy to understanding the consequences of things and more. They are also able to understand their emotional patterns to a level.

Intellectually Smart

It is observed that a child who is evolving spiritually is smarter than their peers. He or she is able to understand the basic principles of the universe. They understand abstract concepts that are beyond their age. This is also a reason that a teacher can detect a child who is more evolved than others. The divine children show more patience, and understanding towards complex concepts – be it of scientific or spiritual nature.

Sensitive to environment

A spiritual child is a child with an advanced sixth sense. They are faster to pick any changes in the environment. Their senses are sharper as compared to others. They can detect even minor adjustments in their secondary background. If your child is able to answer questions like what music was in the background or what TV series was playing – they might be more evolved than you expected. They might also remember things very clearly. Spiritually evolved children have better memories, and they can easily recall incidents as per the need.

A soft rebel

Spirituality, in a sense, means to go beyond this world of societal norms and material gains. So, when there is a child who is spiritually evolved, he or she follows the same path. Such children can protest the traditional norms or behaviours of society. They are likely to protest against rules and laws that do not make sense to them. They are followers of peace and harmony, so they politely show their disregard for any behavior that preaches conformity or forced identity. It is not that these kids do not follow any rules. They obey their elders but if there are any rules that are irrational, they contest against them.

Powerful presence

A lot of spiritual concepts are better felt than explained. Similar is the state of recognizing children who are evolving spiritually. Any experience with them is more delightful and meaningful. If you spend time with such children, you will feel better. Their words make great sense, and they say the right thing at the right time. It is almost as if they can read your mind. Also, the aura of such kids is very positive and magnetic. You’re attracted to their being, and you feel compelled to spend more time with them.

Sweet temperament

Young children are mostly noisy, demanding, and loud. They like to be the center of attention and they pursue drama. Spiritual children are not the same. They are polite, calm, and sweet. Their tone conveys their maturity and they hardly call for attention. They are also more forgiving. They do not create havoc over any minor or even major inconvenience. They rather understand and forgive others for any wrongdoings or unintentional mistakes. This shows that the child is able to fathom more meaning, and he or she is more evolved. Sometimes the child might even show psychic abilities. They might predict some event, connect the right dots and advice on the best possible outcome. In such situations, parents should be more active in taking care of their children. They should further look at developing and refining the spiritual powers of their child.

When do children develop spirituality?

Childhood is a delightful period. It is forgiving, warm, and full of enjoyment. As the child grows, they learn different realities of life and eventually enter the dreaded stage of adulthood. There are different milestones marked by parents for the growth of their child. Almost every parent marks the first words, first steps of their children. Up to the age of 6-7, children are continuously experimenting and learning. Most of the behavior they exhibit is the behavior that is taught to them by their parents. Here, the schools also have a certain role to play.

When we talk of spirituality, it is about till the age range of 6-7. This is the age that a child learns from the environment and tries to make sense of things. When the child crosses this stage, there is more concrete spiritual development. Such development is more prevalent in households that are religious or spiritual.

By this age, a child who is evolving spiritually will start to take part in spiritual practices. If not, then they will at least show a positive inclination towards the same. The child becomes more and more concerned with the concepts of energies, power, and more. This is also the stage when the child is able to understand the abstraction of it all. He r she no longer needs symbols to understand things. They are now more developed, cognitively and spiritually alike.

Another aspect of this age is that parents have to be active at this time. Since this is a crucial stage for the development of the child, the parents have to be more active. They can positively contribute to the process of spiritual growth or they can be an obstacle in their child’s spiritual journey. It is up to the parents to decide the rituals and words and environment that the child will be exposed to.

How do I raise my child spiritually?

To raise your child spiritually, you have to follow a few steps that nourish the spiritual inclination of the children. It is really important for a parent to provide a congruent environment. Although there is no such finding that what is the role of nature vs nurture here. It is often exhibited that the upbringing of a child describes the behavior of the child. So, a parent can raise their child in such a way that he or she goes on the path of evolving spiritually.

Speak out your beliefs

Every individual has a belief system. Likewise, every family has a belief system. It is imperative to speak out loud about your beliefs and faith. Be clear in what you believe and let your child know the same. They are in the stage where their belief system is developing. If you are vocal about your journey and your rituals, they will learn from you.

Start now

There is no right time to introduce spirituality to your child. You should always provide an environment that is spiritually abundant. So, better now than never that you provide a rich atmosphere to your child. Talk to them about their thoughts. Tell them about different rituals and philosophies. Let them wander in the spiritual world.

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You can also raise your child spiritually by just listening to them and answering them rightly. They need love and compassion. As a parent, you are their role model and they will follow you. It is important to understand your child. It is also important to understand their capabilities and flaws. Do not pressure your child into something that is not natural to them. Some children fall late on the path of evolving spiritually while some evolve very fast. There is no fixed pace. So, it is necessary that you do not push your child. As a loving parent, you should be accepting and kind.