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People have dreams of many kinds. Not all are spiritual dreams. For some, the definition of this dream is a dream that comes directly from God.

How to interpret dreams spiritually is something that baffles many. In absence of any predefined meaning, you can end up having a frustrating and nightmarish ordeal. This has a lot to do with the bizarre symbolism associated with them.

The spiritual meaning of your dream represents a collection of a wide range of aspects like:

  • Symbols
  • Struggles,
  • Events,
  • Thoughts,
  • Emotions,
  • People, and
  • Places

It may be noted, all these or any of them have some relevance to you in some ways.

How to determine if your dream has some spiritual tone to it?

It is widely believed dreams do not come out of the blue! On the contrary, they do have some connection to the spirit guides. This explains why these dreams are often termed spiritual dreams

Take God into confidence to understand the message or warning accompanying the dream

It is wise to remember that God is the only person who helps without any discrimination. On account of this, it does make sense to take God into confidence. This is particularly in a situation where you wish to understand the message or warning as shown in the dream.

Submit yourself to God completely and ask him what he wishes to teach you to find an accurate answer to how to interpret dreams spiritually

Whenever you have a religious dream, God throws a deeper challenge to you. It is only his intervention that will allow you to dig up the truth. Do not ignore your dream only because you presume it to be difficult to understand.

Try to interpret the dream systematically

You can make the process to interpret much easier by adhering to certain steps like:

  • Try to record the entire sequence of the dream.
  • Give importance to the feeling you were going through.
  • Make proper identification of all recurring thoughts witnessed in the dream and find a connection to your daily life.
  • Give proper consideration to each element of your dream.
  • Take assistance from dream dictionaries if needed.

Get aware of the three most common signs a spiritual dream contains

Instead of getting paranoid and perplexed to decipher the true meaning of your spiritual dream, look for some of the most common signs such as:

  • It will comprise the very repeating plot lines.
  • You can find certain characters that are responsible for guiding you through your dream.
  • At times, it will have a touch of ethereal feeling.

Every spiritual symbol in your dream serves a unique purpose

When you have a spiritual dream, you are likely to see certain symbols as well. Each symbol is different and conveys a specific message. For instance, it could tell you to finish all your unfinished jobs so that you can leave the earth with total peace.

Similarly, in case you dream of a house, it could have a reference to your past. This can even go to resemble the time you spent in the church. For example, if you have dream of a kitchen, this could indicate you are making suitable spiritual preparation.

Likewise, if you dream of the garage in your home, it could mean a true season of waiting. This is a very good indication that you have to exhibit loads of patience when it comes to dealing with God. Things will not happen overnight and you are expected to have patience.

If you dream of a sandy and idyllic beach, it portrays a destination between the earth and heaven. Some go to an extent of interpreting it differently. They believe they had a supernatural visitation or experience with none other than God!·

Be extra vigilant when you dream of a car. Try to remember if you were in the passenger or driver’s seat. The simple spiritual interpretation of this could be that God has given you a specific responsibility. For instance, if you were in the driver’s seat, it could mean God is trying to remind you to fulfill all your obligations as assigned by God. In contrast, if you were in the passenger seat, it could signify that you ought to work in a community or a group for the assigned responsibilities.

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You can be your own best interpreter

It is a well-known fact that spiritual symbols and signs have their meanings. This is something that many are not familiar with. Under this situation, you can always take assistance from a dream book or an interpreter who specializes in interpreting dreams. It will allow you to get the best answers to your how to interpret dreams spiritually.

Apart from this, you can accomplish the interpretation job on your own. The best way to do this is to have a detailed understanding of these symbols and signs. Make sure to give special importance to certain special symbols.

For instance, if you get an opportunity to see a huge crystal, you can take certain initiatives. Get a popular spiritual downloaded and then turn that into :

  • An e-book, or
  • A CD.

In addition, if circumstances permit, complete an entire course on spirituality. The course will allow to gain a proper understanding of numerous realms of spirituality.

Explore the deeper meaning of your dream

What you dream is something that is a clear reflection of events you might have undergone. This could pertain to an event you have witnessed during the day or it could belong to your past as well.

At times, thinking about the scenes or images sounds very funny. As a result, you simply shrug off the same and decide to move on. Nevertheless, underneath these dreams lies the real emotional meanings. This could even have a close connection to spiritual significance.

For example, you may have a dream where you see yourself holding tightly a penny in your palm. In the same dream, you also see as if someone was trying to take it away from it.

The simple interpretation of this dream could be the financial stress you are reeling under! There have been instances when people have witnessed such a dream when the economy undergoes through recessionary trend.

Know the popular kinds of dreams

People have several types of dreams. These can broadly be categorized into three types:

1. Dream that is considered to be a true vision: The special attribute of the dream is – you experience the occurrence of the same thing that appears in your dream. Well, this dream does not require any interpretation. At the same time, these dreams are very rare.

2. Dream requiring interpretation: Here, the dreamer in question possesses certain false suppositions. You ought to separate all false thoughts and make clear segregation from spiritual discoveries. Your soul appears to be a white fabric and it will accept any color it receives.

3. Confused dream: This is a typical dream scenario that adds only confusion and has no interpretation to it. For example, you get involved in a dispute or quarrel during the day. When you sleep the same night, you see the same situations and circumstances. You have this dream because you get overcome with delusions and it has no local interpretation.

Make no mistake about interpreting spiritual dreams literally

Sometimes people do make the mistake of not identifying the symbolic and cryptic interpretation of the dream. For instance, you commute long distances on a train for your workplace. A dream comes to you that you are being robbed at gunpoint. Yes, in legal parlance this is a criminal act. However, when you sit to interpret, take the literal meaning of the event rather than taking it as a practical event.

Interpreting your dream within the overall context of all emotions involved is very crucial

Interpreting the dream in the correct context is the best way to derive satisfactory outcomes of how to interpret dreams spiritually.

When you wake up after the dream, you must be going through bouts of emotions. You ought to refer to the context of these emotions to interpret your dream rightfully. For instance, take a hypothetical situation where an individual dreams of standing in the middle of rushing water that is rising more and more with each passing second.

This dream may appear before two individuals who respond differently:

  • The first person awakes terrified of drowning.
  • The second individual is in total peace.

You can interpret this dream in two different ways:

  • It portrays impending judgment and doom.
  • It depicts the true power of the Holy Spirit.·

Know what Bible speaks about interpreting dreams

If you are a firm believer of God, you can place reliance on the Bible to find out more about how to interpret dreams spiritually. According to the Bible, you can simply resort to praying to God.

Seek guidance and wisdom from God to take you out of the troubled water as far as interpretation of your dream is concerned. Your prayers won’t go unheard as God talks to their disciple, in the same manner, he did it for scores of people as mentioned in the Bible. Explore the nature of your dream and go through the Bible to detect what God did for these kinds of dreams.