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No job is considered to be easy, but being a parent has its own pros and cons. As kids, you may have never understood what it was for the parents to ensure all your demands were met. Now that you, yourself are a parent, the challenge seems real. This unexpected phase of parenthood is one of the best times in life. You get to witness how quickly life changes for you and everyone around you. Your importance is gone and now everything is about the baby who is swinging peacefully in your arms.

Even you will find a parent’s life to be full of struggles. You also get to enjoy the little incidents in life through the eyes of your child or children. You want to give them the best of everything, be it books, toys, study materials. And it is only through your guidance, will your child be able to understand their surroundings and respond accordingly.

What do you mean by spirituality?

Spirituality is that innate sense in yourself, your surroundings where you believe, trust, and show faith in some power higher. Spirituality implies being at peace with yourself, earning trust in some higher power. For some this higher power comprises their religious Gods. For others, this higher power can be in Mother Nature, their job, and their surroundings.

Spirituality is indeed like the bright afternoon sun, you know it is there, you can feel its warmth, and yet you can never reach out to it. The sun is sacred, it is all-powerful and yet so distant.

Many believe that spirituality is linked with the religion they follow. God is their spiritual guide and through the followings and teachings of their religion, can one become a true follower. While a few others believe that being one with nature, enjoying the true beauty of mother nature, is being spiritual. The path to spirituality may be different for all. Yet the destination is the same for all. All want spiritual enlightenment.

What is the importance of spiritual upbringing?

From the day we are born, till the day we breathe our last breath, everything is nothing less than a spiritual miracle. Going off to sleep in the night hoping we will get up the next morning, in itself is a spiritual awakening. And this is what you need to consider while raising your child spiritually.

Growing up spiritually can be greatly beneficial for your child. Not only does the child learn about their surroundings, but in the entire process, they even get to discover about their many qualities. Hence it becomes important to impart spiritual learnings to your child from a young age itself.

Also, statistics have shown that children with a strong spiritual upbringing are less likely to go into depression, have anxiety problems, and so on. Such children have a happy mind and a strong disposition. They do not falter on peer pressure and also show an innate quality of being compassionate and kind towards others too.

Growing up spiritually definitely has its advantages. The child understands the workings of the nature, the surroundings and would like to explore more. The child’s mind is an unexplored territorial ground. This ground needs to be explored with some spiritual knowledge, religious understandings, and practical applications. Only then will a child progress towards their adolescence with much confidence, passion, and warmth.

How to make sure your children grow up spiritually

For a child, growing up spiritually is a blessing in disguise. Such children have a calm disposition, and they tend to understand their surroundings and not be assertive when they find they are caught up in a wrong situation. Having understood the importance of spiritual awakening, you must also understand how much role spirituality plays in each of our lives. Here are a few pointers which can help you in ensuring your children grow up spiritually to become a passionate and responsible citizen of the state.

  • Introduction to your religious books and learnings: The first step towards growing up spiritually would be an introduction to your religious beliefs and learnings. This helps to develop the child’s mind and ideologies. It is the first form of knowledge the child gets from their parents. The ideologies would be new to the child, and they will end up asking so many questions. Asking questions is again a great step towards growing up spiritually. It shows that the child is not blindly following everything you tell them.
  • Introduction to Church, or your place of worship: Spirituality can be awakened in the child’s mind when they are introduced to God and His teachings. And this can be made possible when the child is made to visit the place of worship. Every religion has its own sacred worship place where thousands go on a daily basis to pray to the Almight. To the Christians, it is the Church, for the Muslims, it is the Mosque; for the Hindus, it is the temple- for the Punjabis, it will be Gurudwaras, and so on. Each place of worship has something different and something better to offer. In the place of worship, the child will get to see how the others are behaving in the surroundings. This is a great place for the child to understand their surroundings and to find the spiritual path they want to walk on.
  • Never leave a child’s queries unanswered: The child’s mind is developing and to ensure the child has a spiritual disposition in life, you need to acknowledge each of their questions. It is always better for the child to get the answers from their parents so that even you know no wrong information is being given to the child.

    A Child’s mind is an unexplored territory. You need to sow the seeds of spirituality, understanding, passion in them. And each seed needs to be planted gently and with much care. Hence it is always advisable to be with your child, listen to their questions and answer each of their queries patiently. Also, do remember you will not have all the answers to the questions asked. So be prepared with the question-answer session with your child. This is especially important for ensuring the child is growing up spiritually in life. And can maintain and manage it quite well.
  • Meditation: Meditation is a great form of spiritual awakening of the mind and body. Not everyone has the patience to undergo such difficult and complex training and to get such amazing results. Meditation is an important form of spiritual attainment. However, you cannot expect your child to be so much spiritually inclined that they can meditate for long hours. But you can surely introduce the habit of meditating even for 5 minutes a day.

    This very habit of mediation can help your child in becoming more patient, more practical, a thinker, and a true team player in life. Many adults have gained Spiritual enlightenment through this art of Meditation. But it is very much achievable if you are determined and enthusiastic about it. Likewise for a child, such a spiritual session can help them rejuvenate, refresh their body, soul, and mind. Not every child will understand the importance of meditation, but it is required for growing up spiritually. While doing Yoga Asanas, postures, ensure to regularly give instructions to your child, so that they do not strain their muscles.
  • Prayers: When you take your child to your religious place of worship, you should also ensure the child knows about the importance of the place where you can come. Be yourself in front of God, and pray to the Almighty. Prayers have the power of miracles, and every child should be able to understand the importance of it. Prayers in small forms, before going to bed, before meals, and also at other times, can help.

    Spiritual enlightenment is possible only when you are determined and passionate about it. Without proper determination, none of the prayers would work for you or your child. Hence it becomes all the more necessary for the child to understand the importance of work and prayer simultaneously. Unless you practice in front of our child daily, the child will not understand how prayer works. Manage a time when both you and your child can sit together and pray together. Culminate this habit in your child daily and see how spiritually inclined the baby will be. Such practices can be very useful and helpful for assisting the child’s growth in a spiritual environment.
  • Spend time with Nature: Nature is a beautiful place indeed. Taking our child out will help get fresh air, they can feel the sunlight, and they get to move out of the house. Such Nature walks should be encouraged in the child from a very early age. Nature too has a way of making the child understand its importance. The child, as they grow up, they will be able to assist in maintaining Mother Nature rather than being a destroyer.

    Nature has its own ways to make the child see and understand its spirituality. Nature is green, leafy, energetic and it exudes confidence, patience, love002C and compassion in the child. In turn, this was why you wanted your child to be outgoing, adventurous, and be one with Nature. The birds, trees, flower, the green grass, everything has a role to play in Nature and the child will have a firsthand experience of it.
  • Make friends: Making friends with people of like-minded disposition is a blessing. If your child can find a person feeling the same way as they do, then they will have a lot of information to share with one another. The best part about having friends is the sharing, the caring, the bond, the relationship you develop. All this helps you in attaining your inner peace and calm. Friends together have a habit of exploring nature, the surroundings, and can stand by each other. This helps in the growth of your child who learns how to trust, how to earn trust, and how to be compassionate and loving at the same time.

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Growing up spiritually is the need of the hour for your children. It helps develop the nature and the character of your child. In turn, today’s children are (well-informed) than us. Times have progressed, and we too need to progress along with the changing times. If all the above pointers can help in the upbringing of your child and help out in spiritual ways, your patience and your courage have paid off. Watching a child grow into this beautiful human being is one of the most special blessings of life. You can watch your child go through each of the phases and end up being compassionate, understanding, loving, and caring. And this is where you know you have made the right choices in life.

Spirituality is a guiding force in our life. Maintaining it, following it, and understanding it is the biggest challenge of all. However, nothing is impossible. With your faith and determination, you can move mountains, let alone your thoughts. Keep an open mind while meditating. And give instructions to your kid while doing yoga asanas and meditation. The child will copy what they see. And if they see you are meditating, you are following the religious ceremonies on a day-to-day basis, the child will end up learning the same thing. They have a habit of repeating and copying things that they see throughout the day. Having a religious and spiritual inclination is a blessing. And having a child who understands and reciprocates the very same feelings is a true miracle. And over the years, your definition of spirituality will keep changing, keep evolving. However, your conviction, your determination, your faith, and your trust shall forever stay here. May your spiritual quest be a successful and knowledgeable one where you lose yourself only to rediscover the new you.