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Heartbreak is not an uncommon phenomenon, which comes with deep distress and great emotional anguish. The passing away of beloved, changing careers, losing a dear friend, and loss of a job can break your heart. You will feel as if your world has crumbled down.

Such emotion cannot be avoided and spiritual healing can take time. However, there are certain actions you can take to go through the healing process, as well as, safeguard your emotional wellbeing. You are aware of your heart and spirit better than other people except for God. You are the one who can also find out whether you are healing or not. But how will you know you are healing or not?

You need to focus on your emotions, spirit, body, mind, and soul. It is important to observe even the tiniest green sprouts and growth spurts. You should also rejoice that your spirit is on the mend. The good news is that it is not impossible to feel healthy and happy once again.

Signs to know that the process of spirit healing has started

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Here are some of the top signs that the process of spirit healing is underway and you are trying to overcome your grief:

1. You have started to think positively about your future

You might have gone through a phase where certain painful questions came to your mind. Why did you have to go through this agony? You are now in a mental frame to now ask yourself that what you should do about it now that the heartbreak already happened.

In other words, you know your spirit is healing if you have started contemplating how to move on with your life after the breakup. It also signifies that you are ready to cope up with the pain and move on in life through your agony. Finally, you have started thinking about ways to heal. It is a good sign that you are thinking of ways of dealing with your life.

2. You no longer feel emotionally or spiritually empty

A major symptom of a healing heart is how your spirit is. When you go through a breakup, there is an emptiness in your spirit and you feel confused and lost. You feel lonely, abandoned, and lost after the breakup. In other words, your spirit was not intact and you have stopped caring about anything or anyone anymore. You might even wish that your life is over.

However, a slight forward momentum and time can help you to be spiritually revived once again. Perhaps, you have always started feeling it. Maybe you feel more positive and marginally peppier. You have started smiling more often once again.

There will be a feeling of gratitude to God even for the little blessings in your life. The best part is you have begun to feel like your original self once again. It is a tell-tale sign that the process of spirit healing has initiated.

3. Your brain seems to be less dull and fuzzy

Agony and shock can dull the cognitive processes of human beings and make your thinking incoherent. In case you find yourself clearer and sharper, even though a bit, it is time for celebration. It is an indication that your spirit is healing, as well as, repairing itself.

Make sure that you remember that human bodies and spirits are programmed to heal. The supreme power created human beings to progress in life through grief, loss, and breakups. God does not want his creations to get entangled in breakup sorrow.

Neither does he want humans to exhibit broken-hearted symptoms of abandonment and rejection. God wants people to be fulfilled, happy, and healthy as that is how humans glorify him. The healthier and happier people are, the more glory they bring to God’s name.

4. You have started feeling more creative

If a person is depressed or grieving, he or she lacks creative energy. They would not be able to think of interesting new plans while working or otherwise. Depression and grief that a person often feels after going through a breakup can take away all the creativity.

It is imperative to note that creativity is a strong signal that your spirit is healing after the breakup. For instance, you could be wondering about experimenting with new recipes or discussing some great strategies at work. It is also possible you want to continue with or start writing a book or go on a vacation to an exotic location that you have always wanted. These are some superb symptoms of healing your spirit.

5. You are more energetic physically

Increased energy is one of the most prominent symptoms of spirit healing. You would like to feel happier, more energetic, and peppier. There will be also an urge to participate in conversations. There will also be an interest to initiate get-togethers with your family members and friends. Overall, you feel better and so does your body.

Some self-care tips

Now that we have discussed the symptoms of your spirit healing, it is time to look at some self-care strategies to cope up with the loss.

1. Permit yourself to grieve for your heartbreak

Everyone may not feel grief in the same way. The best way to handle any kind of profound loss is to permit yourself to feel sadness, loneliness, guilt, or anger. When you do that at times, you are also permitting others around you to feel their sorrow.

As a result, you do not feel alone anymore. For example, you may realize that one of your close friends has also experienced similar heartbreak and has some advice for you.

2. You should always believe that something positive might happen soon

Any breakup is associated with being miserable and depressing. However, you should realize that you have a choice for feeling that way. A great way of handling your pain would be to go against the norm and look forward to what might be in store for you.

When you opt to feel positive and choose to have good thoughts, something fabulous might happen. When you believe in this more strongly, you will find some amazing things happening in your life. 

3. Cherish all the good moments in your life

A relationship can be rocky and strenuous whenever it is about to end. Also, you could be burdened with some really upsetting memories. However, it is not a wise practice to remain stuck to those painful moments. Irrespective of how messy your breakup was, you should cherish the beautiful times you shared. Make this your key focus rather than brooding about the sad times.

4. Learn to forgive

It is not good for you to hold onto your resentment and anger about the past against someone else or at yourself. Doing so can do more harm to your spiritual and physical wellbeing than good. The moment you forgive, all your negative emotions about a past incident are released. It results in spiritual and mental freedom. Additionally, forgiving does not signify that you are excusing the behavior of someone else.

5. Have healthy support around you

As the healing process starts, the encouragement and support of your dear ones become necessary for your regeneration. Soak yourself in the affection and love of family, a beloved pet, or your close friends. When you interact with the support system, there could be a tendency to over-analyze your grief or breakup.

It is healthy and crucial to engage in some kind of processing. However, stay away from continuously revisiting the past and reliving those sad times. Spend more time with your support system so that it becomes easier to get over your heartbreak and grief.

6. Pamper yourself and take proper self-care

It is not unnatural to feel sad for yourself after a devastating separation. However, in doing so, many people tend to neglect or put aside their well-being. While some people have the habit of self-blaming, others start labeling themselves as victims. There could be also a tendency to wallow negatively as well. Additionally, there are some people who love punishing themselves unconsciously or consciously.

Make sure not to neglect the most precious individual in your life – YOU. When the separation is more difficult, it is more crucial to take excellent care of yourself. So, start exercising and eating well. Indulge in some activity to pamper yourself regularly. It can be enjoying a cup of fragrant tea, buying fresh flowers, going to a spa, or relaxing by taking a hot bath. In short, try to be your best friend. After all, you really deserve it.

Final words

It is never so simple to come out of an important relationship, particularly after your ex-partner and you were together for a while. It may feel similar to emotional amputation after losing a close relationship. Sadness and loneliness are emotions, which are natural to feel. It seems like you are missing an integral part of your life. So, it is time you give your body and spirit some time to heal. Focus on the various symptoms that your spirit is healing after the breakup. You should celebrate after taking each small albeit positive step forward. Also, the good news for you is that grief does not last permanently and there are brighter days ahead.