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Spirituality is a lifestyle- a personal commitment for life. It gets you closer to yourself while it makes you more aware of the worldview too. But practicing a spiritual lifestyle might be difficult if you don’t have a dedicated space for activities like meditation. This is where a spiritual garden comes into the picture. A spiritual garden helps you maintain a serene environment within your house premises. You can use it for other activities that require peace and quiet. This article will tell you how to build a spiritual garden by yourself and point out the elements fundamental to it. Read on.

What is a Spiritual Garden?

A spiritual garden is a garden space where you carry out spiritual practices. It is different from a common garden in the fact that there are usually many elements in it that enhances and invites spiritual practice like meditation. It contains components like plants, objects that purify the energy of the space. Elements that bring certain sounds, sights, and smells would also be present.

A spiritual garden offers tranquility and peace in abundance. It will encourage you to follow your spiritual practice. And with the right setting, you can feel the higher power’s presence every time you use the place to meditate.

Why Spiritual Garden?

A private spiritual garden is ideal for spiritual practices and meditation. Whether you are living a fast-paced life and need some respite or if you want to go further in your spiritual journey, a spiritual garden is a way ahead.

Imagine you have clean weather. There are few things more soothing than meditating during the sunrise and resting in your custom garden. Plants have always been a graceful element of nature. They assist in the meditation process, enhancing the spiritual experience. Human beings have known the importance of plants for our body, and soul. A spiritual garden with plenty of plants will assist you to higher levels of spirituality.

Furthermore, other elements assist you in improving your spiritual experience. For instance, the presence of calm soothing sounds can improve your experience. Besides, the smells and sights will further raise the vibration of the place. Overall, a spiritual garden will be a place high on spiritual aura and energy, ideal for meditation.

So take that extra step and make your ordinary garden a spiritual garden. Upgrade your spiritual practice and see how your life changes positively. Read on to find out how to build a spiritual garden for meditation practice.

How to Build a Spiritual Garden?

When looking to build a spiritual garden, you should make it a private and comfortable space. You should feel safe, protected, and at home. For this, you need to make it personal. Understand your needs, your tastes, and your surroundings and build accordingly. Also, understand what you can afford. If you spend beyond your capacity, you’ll end up stressed, which is negates your original intention. Estimate what you can afford and accordingly plan a budget.

To begin with, go out to your outdoor space and identify a suitable corner of it. Locate where you’d like to set up your spiritual garden and fence the area. Next, you need to think about what you’ll place in this space. This could be a combination of different elements that stimulate your sense of peace and facilitate spiritual practice. For this, a careful study of possible elements is needed. The key is to keep it simple and natural while needing less maintenance. Also, a clean garden is always more energetic than a cluttered and unclean garden.

Here are the main elements of landscape you need to pay attention to before creating a spiritual garden.

1. Main Sitting Region and its features

Are you looking for a small sitting space to relax and meditate on your own? Or do you have plans to invite more people to your space and hold group sessions? Answer these questions while also considering the area you have at your disposal. Remember, a small space is as good as a large area. All that matters is how you use it.

Further, you can think of the features of your sitting region, and the garden. Think of any pattern or layout that you love. Connect the spiritual symbols and see if you can bring them to your space. Also, look out for layouts that match your home’s aesthetics.

Start with what you love and take it on from there.

2. Properties

Begin with the center of the garden’s sitting region. What does it feel and look like in your imagination? See if you like a polished finish or rather leave it to nature and let leaves fill the floor. Do you prefer to walk barefoot and sit on the polished surface? Also, decide if you like the surface warmth.

Once you’ve decided the basic features above, go ahead and pick the materials. Choose it for features like pathways, sitting space, and perimeter of the region. Check the availability of different materials in your location and the natural options available, before making a call.

3. Weather

Light plays a big role in controlling the vibration of your space. Abundant sunshine is the ideal condition for a spiritual garden, so try to locate your space accordingly.

Also, try to keep your space shielded from winds and elements as they could disrupt your experience. At the same time, allow provision for a breeze to enter. Keep the space ventilated.

Each location is unique, so decide according to your region. If your region receives abundant rainfall, make sure you add a cover to your space. Don’t build your sitting area in a low-lying space of your garden.

4. Locality

The location of your spiritual garden matters a lot.

If you build it close to your home, you will come across it often, reminding you of your practices. This will tempt you to follow your practice regularly. So, check if you can create it close to your home

In case you build your space farther away, you’ll have to walk out into the landscape. This ensures that you practice spiritual practices in peace and solitude. Besides, it keeps you away from technology and gadgets. It could also allow more natural sounds if you are away from cities.

5. Sights in the Space

What do you like to look at when you want to relax? What reminds you of self-exploration and spirituality? Ask yourself these questions before setting up your space. You can add things of beauty and items that bring a sense of calm.

Plants, statues, and artwork are great choices to use in it. You can even go for a vegetable garden. Understand what makes you feel peaceful and add them to your spiritual garden.

Most people don’t go beyond the normal methods to create a beautiful garden. There are many ways to make your space a garden with a view. For instance, you can plant many flowers along its perimeter if you don’t have other boundaries. If you like the water element, you can add a small pond to your garden. Don’t hold back thinking the space is small, create it anyway. The size of the element doesn’t matter. Intention does.

6. Sound Elements

Sounds make a big difference to your space. You don’t want to put your garden next to the road or the separating wall. See if you can find a spot with rustling sounds of leaves. Check if you can hear the birds from any location. You can also create the sound of falling water. Remember, every space is unique. Whatever you choose, decide after understanding your needs and your neighborhood.

7. Plants

Along with properties and sounds, would you like to add loads of natural elements? If so, plants are your best option. Plant them in regions you prefer and let them grow. Slowly the whole set turns vibrant. If you like to add other features like aspen leaves or bird sounds, you can do that too. All it takes is a bit of extra effort and you’ll have an amazing space in your hands.

8. Statues and Artwork

Statues like the meditating Buddha are highly respected and calming statues. They uplift the mood of the place. You can place them in the center or to the sides.

Artworks that evoke positive and calm emotions are great for your spiritual garden. Choose them and display them neatly.

9. Intangibles

A few ideas of physical objects that can raise the energy of your garden:

  • Herbs, to increase greenery and colors in the space
  • Vegetable gardens, if you want to be reminded of abundance
  • Wind Chimes, for an extra layer of peaceful sound

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Regardless of how stylish you make your garden, its raw aura never fails to shines through. You need to place emphasis on your intentions. If your intentions are pure you will end up creating a tranquil garden. Now you can sit undisturbed for hours, meditate, or read books at your own pace with the spiritual garden in your home. Use the above tips while visualizing, creating, and assembling a garden at your home.