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If you have children, then you may want them to grow up in your spiritual footsteps. Have you ever wondered how your life might have been, had you been introduced to spirituality earlier in life. Many spiritual parents often wonder this, and as a result, wonder if they can include their children in their spiritual practices.

The answer is, of course you can. There are simple ways you can introduce touches of spirituality into your child’s life, and better enable them to grow spirituality. Not all children will be interested in developing their spiritual gifts at an early age, but that’s no problem. There are ways you can raise them spiritually, without needing to involve them in spiritual practices they may not yet be interested in. Bringing up spiritually rooted children is a lot easier than you think. But first, you’ll need to understand what it means to be spiritually rooted.

What is Being Spiritually Rooted?

Being spiritually rooted refers to being grounded and present in your every day life. It’s the simple act of being mindful of the present, and being in better control over yourself, and your body. When you’re spiritually rooted, you allow both your body and your mind to grow.

There are simple ways you can develop being grounded, in your life. You can think about meditating, or doing yoga or breathing practices. These are known to have positive effects on the body and the mind, and can make you feel empowered as well. You can also spend time in nature, and enjoy the fresh air. Writing and keeping a journal is also know for helping you feel grounded. The good news is, a lot of the things you would do to feel spiritually rooted, are things you can do with your children as well.

Bringing Up Spiritually Rooted Children

As a parent, you may want your children to enjoy the same benefits of spirituality, that you have experienced in your life. For this reason, you may want to introduce them to spiritual practices at an earlier age. A simple ways you can manage this, is by helping them develop their spiritual roots, at an earlier age.

Children are known for being more intuitive, and are at the perfect age for developing themselves spiritually. Spiritually rooted children will also be able to develop spiritually, and can develop more confidence in themselves as well. Here are some ways you can bring up spiritually rooted children:

1. Spend Time in Nature

The simplest way you and your family can enjoy the benefits spirituality brings, is by spending time outdoors. Many children prefer their smartphones and video games, to playing outdoors or spending time outside. However, spending time outdoors, under the supervision of an adult, can actually be good for them.

Why not consider going on picnics, every once in a while. You can take your family out four a picnic once every few weeks, and use the time to spend time in nature. You can also think about going on walks, or going jogging together in the mornings. Even ten minutes spent outside can enable your children to better develop their spiritual roots. This is as nature is imbued with spirituality, and spending time in nature can promote peace and tranquility.

2. Do Yoga Together

Yoga is an excellent practice for developing yourself spiritually. You can also introduce yoga to your children, and teach them yogic practices from an early age. Yoga builds core strength and flexibility as well, and this works even better for children. They are naturally more flexible at their younger age, and they can master yogic practices by the time they reach adulthood.

Yoga is also known for bringing in many positive benefits for the body, as well as the mind. Practicing yoga regularly has shown to decrease anxiety and stress, and can promote feelings of calmness as well. Yoga also enables people to become really fit. And there’s no time like childhood to start practicing yoga.

You can start small, by doing ten minutes of yoga a day, with your children. You can also consider enrolling them in a yoga class for children, where they can meet other children interested in yoga as well. You can also invite a yoga teacher to come to your home to teach your children yoga.

Of course if you know yoga well, then you can teach them yourselves as well. Yoga is a skill that you and your children can learn together, and can grow better as together. Yoga involves various breathing practices as well, which can also help develop spiritual rootedness.

3. Mindfulness and Meditation

Practicing mindfulness on a regular basis can go ways when it comes to being spiritually grounded. Being mindful allows you to be present in the moment, and enables you to be free from worry related to the past and the future. People often worry about things that have already happened, or things they have no control over. Practicing mindfulness enables you to focus on the present moment, and allows you to find peace and tranquility in your everyday life.

Meditation is one way you can practice mindfulness. To be mindful, you simply have to find ways to stay spiritually rooted in the present moment. And this is a great skill that you can pass on to your children as well. Being mindful will enable them to better focus on the present, and to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. They’ll better be able to overcome failures, and try harder to be successful. And learning how to control and inhibit stress at an early age, is a useful skill to master.

You can introduce mindfulness to your children through mindfulness meditation. Only ten minutes of mindfulness meditation a day, is known to bring about surprising benefits when it comes to being grounded. Once your children have the hang of mindfulness meditation, they’ll better be able to stay present in their every day lives as well.

4. Teach Them About Spirituality

The best way to teach your children how to be spiritually rooted, is to teach them what it is, at an early age. Let them know more about your spiritual beliefs, and invite them to participate in your spiritual practices with you. If you meditate daily, for example, you can ask your children to spend ten minutes meditating with you.

You can also think about teaching them about being spiritually grounded. Teach them why you think being spiritually rooted is important. Explain that spirituality can enable them to lead better lives, and to develop their spiritual progress. You can talk to them about how spirituality helped you in your life, and why you want them to join in on your spiritual practices with you. Children can be surprisingly perceptive, and being honest with them can have great results.

As your children learn more about spirituality, while growing up, they’ll also be able to develop their spiritual roots. Setting the foundation for spiritual progress at an earlier age can better enable children to be spiritual as adults. Your children will also be able to develop their focus, and be more attentive to their every day life. Being spiritually grounded in a state of mind, so explaining what it is to your children can better enable them to develop their spiritual roots.

5. Practice Breathing Exercises

Simple breathing exercises can help you the feel spiritually grounded as well. From focusing on your breathing, to the kind of breathing practices seen in Pranayama, there are lots of exercises you can choose from. Ask your children to do breathing exercises with you for just ten minutes, a few times a week.

You’ll find that this has surprising benefits when it comes to helping them develop their spiritual roots. Breathing is strongly associated with grounding exercises, and can enable you to focus on the present moment. Breathing exercises are also known to have positive effects on the body. Start your children off with simple breathing exercises, and you can move on to more complex exercises later on.

Teaching breathing exercises to your children enables them to learn this useful skill at an early age. They can better control their stress levels, and focus on the present moment, at any period of time. They can also feel better physically, and know how to regulate their breathing better.


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Bringing up spiritually rooted children, can enable them to develop themselves spiritually at an early age. They’ll be able to focus better, and be attentive of the present. They can control their stress levels better as well, and can feel better physically as well. Spiritually rooted children are grounded in the present, and that enables them to live their lives to the fullest.

Using the tips in this guide, you can start introducing spirituality your children. From yoga to mindfulness meditation, there are various ways you can help your children to become more spiritually rooted. Practice thee tips regularly to ensure that your children develop their spiritual progress, and stay spiritually grounded, as well.