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It is interesting to know how fasting helps spiritually. When you fast, it plays a crucial role in intensifying two things in you :

  • Spiritual experience, and
  • Meditative practices.

Owing to such reasons, people do not refrain from resorting to spiritual fasting. It is worth noting, fasting is often connected to numerous other thoughts and emotions like:

  • Hunger pangs.
  • Food cravings, and more.

As you fast, it offers a better and clearer appreciation of your mind, body, and soul.

This fasting means different things to different people. For example, some believe it is one of the sure-shot ways of achieving holistic health and wellness. Consequently, it aids them to attend to diverse needs of mind and body to attain these objectives.

Unearth the real purpose of spiritual fasting

Before knowing how fasting helps spiritually, you must get acquainted with the purpose of such fasting. There are varied purposes.

However, one among this is the most vital. It refers to the help it offers in focusing on your path. Under no stretch of the imagination, it refers to a denial of what you require. On the contrary, it is the manner you manage yourself concerning your needs and requirements.

This in turn produces a very satisfactory and positive outcome. For instance, you can orient yourself productively and appropriately. As you can accomplish this feat, you can motivate yourself to achieve something far greater than yourself! This fasting teaches you how to remain focused on your faith as well as spiritual health.

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Spiritual fasting is very easy to achieve

To conduct spiritual fasting successfully, you do not have to have any rocket-science know-how. Instead, all you need is to adhere to certain basic aspects like:

  • Make a proper identification of the purpose.
  • Decide on a suitable period and commit.
  • Identify your weaknesses.
  • Share this with a limited number of people.
  • Make sure you eat in small quantities before you fast.
  • Ensure you are drinking lots of water when you are fasting.
  • Get connected to God while fasting by performing prayers.·

Become aware of common elements involved in spiritual fasting

If you are looking for a perfect answer to how fasting helps spiritually, get yourself aware of the common elements involved during the process.

First things first – spirituality is deeply personal. On account of this, you will not find ‘one-size-fits-all’ benefits of fasting. It will keep varying on four counts:

  • Comfort.
  • Faith.
  • Personal goals.
  • Experience level.

Likewise, it can be practiced for numerous reasons such as:

  • Health, healing and wellness, and
  • For a specific goal or reason.

Practice fasting in a disciplined manner to strengthen your resolve

Sometimes, people do struggle to arrive at a decision or determine the purpose of life. In these eventualities, it’s always a wise move to integrate fasting with daily prayer. It is very effective in giving the much-need boost to dissolve all distractions.

When you deny your body a bit of food, this puts you in an advantageous position. For instance, you can reap twin benefits:

  • Be mindful, and
  • Clear-headed.

You find yourself better placed in terms of mental space. As a result, you do succeed in connecting with God effortlessly. In addition, it does enhance your confidence levels and decision-making abilities.

Spiritual fasting will offer you loads of spectacular things

Fasting does a lot of good for your body, mind, and soul. This will include a plethora of aspects such as:

  • A perfect safeguard for your soul.
  • A powerful weapon for the valiant.
  • A true companion for your body.
  • A gymnasium for athletes.

Fasting essentially has two sides:

  • It repels temptations, and
  • It teaches stillness and how to fight bravely during adverse circumstances.

You start to learn how to lead a disciplined life

The good thing about how fasting helps spiritually

is, it instills a sense of discipline in you. In a sense, it gives you a rare opportunity for mastering discipline in your lives and your desires. You also get to learn how you can control every movement of your mind.

Beginners can start fasting on designated days

In case you’re associated with a Church guided community or group, you can start fasting on designated days. This is recommended for beginners so that they get used to the norms.

Of course, your group or community is always there to guide you in two special areas:

  • Your prayer life, and
  • Meditation.

These small but important guidance and help will play an instrumental role in imbibing a true sense of discipline.

Reap the benefit of perfect soul cleansing

As you explore the benefits and how fasting helps spiritually, you will come to know many startling facts. For example, spiritual fasting can go a long way in performing total soul-cleansing entirely hassle-free. Fasting will teach you more about the spiritual connection you share with your physical body.

Your body is the greatest beneficiary of fasting. For example, your body does not receive any toxin during the time you fast. As a result, you can derive two most important advantages:

  • Your spirits get detoxed.
  • Your body takes a temporary break from its digestive process.

As your soul gets cleansed perfectly, you find yourself in a better frame of mind. It is capable of receiving the Holy Spirit which in turn empowers you to live for God.

Fasting is your way to acknowledge you do need God in your life

By acknowledging the presence of God through fasting, you make it amply clear you do need Him to live your life peacefully.

When you do spiritual fasting, it speaks volumes about your preferences and willingness to attain spirituality. By sacrificing your favorite food item for the sake of God, you let the entire world know which is more important for you – the food or God!

God is your caretaker and does not want anything in return. The savior of your life desires to have a closer connection with you. By fasting, you convey to God that you are more than willing to do anything and everything for him.

Take this as an opportunity to think and pray

As you fast, you do not get involved with many activities. This is rightfully so. Since you are not drinking or eating anything, you do not possess the requisite energy to perform these activities.

Yes, you may attend a few errands during the entire fasting period. In a sense, you won’t be exerting yourself very much. This will leave you with plenty of time at your disposal.

Reserve this quality time exclusively for thinking and praying. In these modern times, you might be leading a hectic life. You do not always get this time to devote to God. On account of this, it makes sense to devote such time entirely to thinking and praying.

Seize this opportunity to reflect on every aspect of your life in the recent past. Think about your failures and successes, and where you want your life to move from this present stage.

Reflect on the various relationships your share with other people like your:

  • Colleagues
  • Friends,
  • Family members,

This reflective opportunity comes very rarely in your life. Make the most of it to benefit from the detailed analysis.

Similarly, you can devote more time to praying. You hardly get sufficient time to communicate with God due to your hectic lifestyle. This is the ideal time to establish your connection with the higher power.

When you do so, this opportunity is the best alternative to:

  • Praise.
  • Give thanks, and
  • Seek help.·

It does not make sense to waste time doing nothing. Instead, make the most of your ‘quiet’ time by praying wholeheartedly. The rule of the game is simple – the more you pray, the more is the enhancement in your spirituality. There is a high probability that may even detect some answers that you were desperately looking for.

Fasting gives you a new sense of contentment and satisfaction

In the present day and time, you probably handle a lot of pressure. Fasting is a welcoming change from this routine. This period will give you ample scope to make a better comparison with other individuals.

For instance, make the best of available time at your disposal. Compare yourself with your near and dear ones by looking at their social media accounts. You can use the parameters of failures or success to compare. This will give you an idea of where you stand and what corrective measures you need to employ to make an uplift your life.

It won’t be out of context that this will give a chance to find the desired level of satisfaction and contentment. Completion of the fasting period is no ordinary feat. Once accomplished, you will end up feeling renewed. You also gain a new level of energy that you have never encountered in your life before.

Fasting does total detoxification for your body. You gain the greatest realization – an absence of food for a limited time can not deter you from achieving higher levels of spirituality!

To top it all, you end by deriving two never-heard-before benefits:

  • You get an opportunity to have a direct conversation with the higher power.
  • You get to know what your body can handle.