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What is Spiritual Blindness? How to define spiritual blindness?

A spiritually blind person is not someone who is unable to see God. To be spiritually blind means that a person does not believe in the very existence of God. Spiritual blindness is a phenomenon that is revealed in Christianity.

According to the Christian concept of spiritual blindness, a spiritually blind person does not believe in Jesus Christ and His Word. Such persons fail to understand the truth that is written in the scriptures, denying the teachings of God.

Why makes a person spiritually blind?

God works in mysterious ways, but a spiritually blind individual fails to understand the divine message. People who cannot perceive the divine workings are unfortunately lost. The reason behind an individual’s spiritual blindness is his/her inability to find meaning in the matters of spirituality. To a spiritually blind person, the Spirit of God is meaningless. So, it is the inability to perceive the presence of God and His workings that makes a person spiritually blind.

Spiritual blindness is the cause why people reject the Word of God. To people like these, scriptures sound foolish and insignificant. A spiritually blind person cannot be saved, unless that person is willing to see the light.

As per the scriptures, Satan is to be blamed for causing spiritual blindness in the people of the world. It is Satan’s way of misleading humankind from the truth of God. As the cause of all evil and temptations, Satan works to distance humans from God. A person who succumbs to Satan’s plans gets separated from God and turns spiritually blind.

There are many reasons that can lead a person towards spiritual blindness. Some people are too proud to believe in a higher power, while others are totally ignorant about the divine workings. A lot of people also fall in the trap of spiritual blindness, when they care more about what others think. Such people are so engrossed in worldly matters that they simply ignore the voice in their heart that tries to remind them of God.

Many a times, you come across acquaintances and friends who will try to lead you the wrong way. These are blind guides, who distract you from your true purpose in life. A lot of people also become spiritually blind because of these blind guides whose sole purpose in life is to move people away from real faith and spirituality.

How do you know if a person is spiritually blind?

A spiritually blind person is unable to see the truth, because he/she fails to accept God. There are many characteristics that define spiritual blindness in people. Here are the most common signs of spiritual blindness that can help you spot if a person is devoid of the divine light:

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Sign #1: A Spiritually Blind Person will have no longing in matters of spirituality –

A person who is spiritually blind lacks any kind of longing in spiritual matters. On the other hand, a spiritually awakened individual is always excited and longing for spiritual things in every shape and form. Just like hunger for food is a sign that you are physically alive, hunger for spirituality is a sign that you are spiritually alive.

Sign #2: Spiritually Blind People do not know who they are –

It is ironic how spiritually blind individuals can claim to be the most honest and righteous people on earth. In reality, spiritually blind people are totally oblivious about their true self. So, a spiritually blind person not only fails to know God, but also lacks true knowledge of the self. It is their spiritual darkness that makes them handicapped to identify their own depravity and sins.

Sign #3: Spiritually Blind Individuals lack Empathy –

Spiritually blind people fail to understand the effect of their sins on other people. These people are so trapped in their own desires and needs that it bars them from perceiving the emotions of others. They are so spiritually blind that they do not even take a moment to consider their misdoings. It is their inability to recognize their sins that put spiritually blind people in a completely hopeless situation.

Sign #4: Spiritually Blind People are devoid of Hope –

Spiritually blind persons are devoid of hope. Their hopelessness stems from their inability to believe in the existence of God. They continue to ignore the divine workings and remain entangled in own version of the world. Their world is full of sins, and their spiritual darkness keeps them away from feeling motivated about a new awakening.

A spiritually blind person is not looking to rethink or revaluate his/her idea of God. What makes their condition all the more hopeless is the fact that they are not even aware if it is possible for them to change their perception about God and spirituality. It is sad how spiritually blind people never know anything about their spiritual darkness. 

Sign #5: Spiritually Blind people do not take responsibility for their sins –

Another common sign of spiritual blindness is when you do not take responsibility for your own sins and focus on man-made traditions. You never find a spiritually blind person who readily acknowledges his/her sins. By not taking the responsibility for their sins, such people save themselves from feeling any sense of shame or guilt. Instead, they shift the attention on man-made traditions, keeping away from the true meaning and purpose of religion.

Sign #6: Spiritually Blind persons give importance to religious performance –

A spiritually blind person is quick to judge people if they fail to meet their standards in terms of religious performance. They deplore people who do not focus on religious performance as they do. Shifting the attention on performance also gives them a way to avoid facing their own sins as well.

Sign #7: Spiritually Blind people have hardened their hearts –

Spiritually blind persons have hardened their hearts. This hardening of the heart is one of the main reasons why they are unable to see the truth. It stops them from acknowledging the role of God in making this world a beautiful place to live in. A person who is spiritually awakened knows that God is real. But, a spiritually blind person simply rejects this belief. These people are so caught up with their own sins that they have no power over their heart. A hardened heart is what stops these persons from submitting to the Almighty.

Sign #8: Spiritually Blind People lie to themselves

Spiritually blind people always have an excuse for their rebellion against God. There separation from God and His truth makes them lie to their own self. They are convinced that God is not real. Their spiritual blindness also misleads them to believe that they are good persons. So, another sign of a spiritually blind person is the habit of lying to himself.

Sign #9: Spiritually Blind persons never repent –

You will never see a spiritually blind person repenting for his/her sins. No matter how much you talk to them about the scriptures and the importance of repentance, you’ll always find an excuse for their behavior. It is typical for a spiritually blind person to rebel and find excuse after excuse when you ask them to repent. They will justify their actions no matter what. It is their pride that dissuades then from accepting their sins. It is only when the pride is stripped off that they can actually seek forgiveness from God.

Sign #10: The root of Spiritual Blindness is fear –

Most of the times, a person turns spiritually blind because of their past experiences. Sometimes, painful past experiences come in the way of people and turn then blind to the light of God. Painful past experiences instill a fear in people. It is their unanswered prayers and desires that make them create an image of a God that needs to be feared. This fear is for a God who will judge them or get angry over them. But, in their blindness these people fail to see that the real God is an embodiment of love. They need not be fearful of God. Instead, they need to experience unconditional love for God.

True love casts out fear. This implies that a spiritually bind person can only love God, he is not fearful of God. No matter what you’ve experienced in the past, it should not stop you from loving God.

How to overcome Spiritual Blindness?

It is possible for a spiritually blind person to get out of his/her present condition. But, this is not an easy journey! Spiritual blindness is a real issue. You might have friends and family members who are suffering from spiritual darkness. These people might seem lost to you as they fail to see the divine workings of God. These people neither believe in the teachings of the church, nor make any effort to form a bond with God. But what can you do to help them get out of this pitiable situation?

If you are willing to help a person get cured from spiritual blindness, then it should begin with prayer. Prayer is the first step to ask God for help and healing of a spiritually blind person. Pray for people by name, as you need to be specific in your prayer to make it work.

Your prayers should continue until you notice a change in the life of a spiritually blind person. Only when that person starts developing a belief in the teachings of God and His scriptures, it means that your prayers have been answered. Helping a person break the chains of spiritual blindness is a time taking process. So, you need to be patient in your prayers.

On the whole, spiritual blindness is a kind of spiritual death that stops a person from seeing the divine purpose in everything. The only solution to spiritual blindness is prayer and love. It is only when you see God as an embodiment of love that you can truly get rid of your spiritual blindness. Sometimes, God does miracles to turn a non believer into a believer. If He wills, He can shine in your heart with his glorious light.

But, most of the times what stops a person from seeing God is his preference for material things. If you keep giving more importance to things of the world, it will become very difficult for you to get rid of your spiritual blindness. It is sad how so many people in this world are unable to see the glory and beauty of God. They do not have the sight to notice the miracles and wonders of God. It can be said that spiritual blindness is willful. You choose to be spiritually blind. So, in order to wake from this dead state, you need to awaken your love for God. You must let go of your pride.

It is only when you make way for love by letting go of your ego and self-love that you can truly awaken your spiritual senses. Spiritual awakening does not happen overnight. It is a long process that takes some time. You need to believe in the power of prayer and be patient. Just like the best things in life take a lot of hard work, dedication and effort. Overcoming spiritual awareness is also a process that needs a lot of patience, dedication and most importantly prayer.

Pray from your heart and continue praying until your loved ones awaken from their deep sleep. The world will definitely be a better place if there are people who submit to the will of God. True prosperity of the world is possible when man is not caught up in his vision of the world. It is possible when he is able to see the light of God and believe in his plans. Waking up from spiritual blindness is key to a true happiness and bliss, as it makes you believe in the ways of God.