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What would the world look like without caregivers. They work under the most depressing conditions, tend to the suffering, give hope to the distressed, face the worst of human frailties, and yet do not waver in the moments of adversity.

A caregiver can be someone closer to the patient, or someone who has agreed to provide a professional service. They go through many emotions in the course of their effort to support others and those emotions should get addressed reasonably. Some of them happen to be basic human emotions and are discussed here:

Words of encouragement for caregivers facing burnout 

-Sometimes you are around so much misery that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Take care of yourself so that you can take better care of others. 

-You are not selfish if you feel like taking a step back. Access the situation and go pamper yourself. 

-Your life may be filled with noise and chaos but the smile that you spread in people’s life make it all worth the effort. You are getting stronger every day and that is no small feat. 

-Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you work, there is no improvement in patient’s health. Don’t give up hope. Your effort will add up in the end. 

Words of encouragement for caregivers experiencing loss of faith

-We all need help one time or the other. Pray to the lord’d spirit to guide you and to provide the strength to the person who needs the healing touch. Do not lose faith in the almighty and do not lose faith in yourself. 

-Believe in the higher power. God has a larger plan even in the face of adversity. Remind yourself of all the good that you have achieved over the years. You have been selected to serve God’s purpose and you are doing it beautifully. 

-Find strength in knowing that you are there for the people who cannot take care of themselves. Remind yourself of all the good that you are doing as a caregiver. 

-Even if the patients cannot communicate how thankful they are for your support, believe that you alleviate their fear everyday by taking this journey together. 

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Words of encouragement for caregivers facing guilt

-You cannot blame yourself for an untimely loss of life under your care. You tried your best and that is all that matters. It’s time to take time out for yourself and move on with your life. 

-You cannot hold yourself responsible for what your patient said in the moments of despair. Do not take anything to heart and carry on doing your best. 

-Don’t expect perfection from yourself as a caregiver. Nor are you supposed to be clairvoyant. Take the day as it comes and cherish the small victories. 

-Sometimes we are overcome by guilt when we see our loved ones suffer. Traumatising yourself emotionally won’t solve the situation. It’d time to take matter in your hands and start taking care of them rather than blaming the past. 

– You are a compassionate soul. You should not let guilt override this emotion. Guilt robs you of the energy that you can otherwise put to work. Take it one day at a time and everything will work out for the best. 

Words of encouragement for caregivers experiencing isolation

-We all have arguments with our spouses or family that we are not giving them enough time because of the work. It is often a mistake to take all the burden of caregiving on yourself. It is ok to take care of your family and not feel bad. 

– Sometimes we forget that we have our own personal lives. It is not unusual to see a caregiver becoming emotionally attached to the patient. This does not mean that you take your personal relations for granted. Go take time out with your friends and family. 

– Caregiving is a tough job. It comes with erratic hours, patient apathy and sometimes abuse. It is not ok to shut yourself from world because you do not have someone close to talk about it. Do not hesitate to seek professional help before it gets worse. 

– Sometimes we are in a denial about how our surroundings affect us. Being a caregiver comes with a fair share of trials and tribulations. Suppressing your emotions is not healthy. You should not however let it affect your relationships. Seek guidance from a counselor before it starts to affect your personal life. 

Words of encouragement for caregivers experiencing de-motivation

-It can be very easy to lose sight of why you became a caregiver in the first place. It’s because of you that a person somewhere can get back on his/her feet again. Take a moment and reflect on the lives you have transformed over the years.

 -Sometimes it is frustrating to be not appreciated for your effort. It is alright to feel bad but it is not ok to lose hope altogether. Go back and be a pillar of strength for someone else. 

-Measure yourself by a teaspoon and not a shovel. You cannot be expected to do miracles. Do not give up hope when it all seems impossible. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

-You are supposed to go through a litmus test every day. The work of caregiver takes a lot of time to start showing results. You do not have to compare yourself with other caregivers. Not every patient’s situation is the same and not every patient can get better in a day. 

-Do not take the indifference of your patient as an insult. Try to feel the hurt and channel your energy in creating a positive atmosphere that will help them recover swiftly. Do not be demotivated by the force of circumstances. 

-Remember, the only control you have is the ones who choose to be affected by. Do not let the world outside let you surrender your shine. You are doing God’s work and God is there to support you every step of the way. 

Words of encouragement for caregivers facing self-esteem issues

  • Sometimes in the face of despair, we start neglecting ourselves. You need to reflect on your life, take up a hobby and strengthen your sense of purpose. Seek for spiritual guidance and renew your positivity. 
  • We are shaken up when we are surrounded by illness. It can affect over inner peace and break our confidence. But you need to remember that life can be tough before it gets better. Don’t give in to the circumstances and you will come out of it stronger. 
  • Sometimes life makes us question our beliefs in trying times. It can shake the very foundations of our being. But remember, hope is a feeling that Is infectious. It can be passed on from a caregiver to a patient. You cannot let your feel bad anyway.
  • The work of caregiving is all consuming. Accept the fact that a caregiver can also need healing. Going to a doctor for help should not be avoided. A patient is as good as a caregiver’s support. It is ok to consider your needs as well. 
  • Do not let doubt or worry rob you of the joys of today. You have put up with far worse and not taken it to your heart. Do not let harsh words pull you down. Kindness has a transformative power and will see you through any difficulty.

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Thank You Messages To The Caregivers

-You are an angel sent from above. You radiate a shine that makes the most morose day a walk in the park. You have been a pillar of strength for our family. There’s no way we could ever repay you for what you have done. Thank you for your selfless service. 

-You are a beacon of hope. You have supported the family through touch times relentlessly for days or night, without caring for our own. I cannot ever repay for your dedication and hard work. Thank you for your unwavering support. 

-You are rainbow in the dark cloud. Maybe you have suffered a loss too, or why would you take such a job of caring for the hurt. Deep down you knew the struggles we were going through and were still willing to lend a hand in our times of distress. Thank you for being there in those trying times.

-You didn’t have to suffer the consequences of anyone’s misfortune. But you took care of my parents like your own. You never took offense over might have been said to you personally out of fear or frustration. You make my belief in humanity stronger. Thank You.

-You are a resilient person. You have been caring, patient, empathic, forgiving, and dedicated to the care of the suffering. You have always put the comfort of the patient before your own. You are truly a God sent. I am thankful that our lives were touched by your presence. 

Remember, a caregiver is a beautiful soul sent to help the desperate in the times of great difficulty. There is no profession more fulfilling than the one that requires the most patience. After the doctors, caregiver is considered to a noble soul and should get the same respect accorded to doctors.