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As a human being, each individual is different. Nevertheless, one thing is certain for all – death! Well, there is no way to predict when someone will die.

Your loved one’s may approach death. Due to this, there are certain mental, physical and spiritual signs that indicate that death is very near.

This is something that has been witnessed by your friends, families, and even healthcare workers as well. Most of these people are unanimous that there were certain spiritual signs of a specific death.

Death, like anything else, might be a scary thing for you. At the same time, there are some people who are ready to face their death head-on. They are not afraid to think about life beyond the grave! They prepare themselves well in advance by looking for signs that speak volumes about how to know if you are dying spiritually

Some very common signs, indications, or symptoms include:

Seeing angels or other spirits

Sometimes, people do end up seeing angels or other spirits in their lifetime. Normally, such a scenario arises typically in two different circumstances:

  • When they have witnessed the death of any near and dear ones.
  • They indulge in discussions concerning the life of the deceased loved one.

Oftentimes, such claims are discredited for want of any scientific proof. Likewise, blame is attributed to drugs or other chemical procedures undergoing in an individual’s brain.

Whatever might be the case, this is still considered to be a true spiritual sign that indicates death is very close.

An unannounced visit by your deceased family member

To some, this might sound pretty unrealistic. However, the fact of the matter is, your deceased family member may visit you unannounced! In fact, there are scores of families who have had this visitation in their family for ages.

These people are of the opinion that the deceased loved one in question makes the visit with twin purposes:

1. To comfort, and

2. To reassure.

In a way, this is letting you know life does continue after death. Yes, such a thing does take place in this modern hi-tech world! Unfortunately, not many have the courage to share this with many. They believe people around them will ridicule or exhibit reactions of total disbelief.

Denial of intake of fluids or food

Every human body needs certain kinds of fluids or food for survival. These are employed by the body to reserve energy for carrying out bodily functions. On non-consumption of a fluid like water, the body gets dehydrated and the discomfort wanes.

This reaction from any of your loved ones is a clear indication of how to know if you are dying spiritually.

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Your loved one can make a request or statement that is totally out of character

If you are interested to know how to know if you are dying spiritually related to your loved one, watch out for the manner the loved one communicates with. There are certain parameters and yardsticks you can apply.

For instance, your loved one might make a request or a statement that appears totally out of character. This might appear utterly annoying for you. Nevertheless, this is your deceased loved one’s way to determine whether you are perfectly ready to go!

Remember, your deceased loved one has individual choices and preferences. They want to spend their time with people who are very close to them. On this account, they choose to opt for you. It will mean they can be with you after your death as well. By selecting you, they try to let you know they require your permission, support, and affirmation.

Your lifestyle, beliefs, and values are sufficient indicators

Yes, there is no denying death is a universal mystery. No one knows in clear words when it will arise. Nonetheless, it is your lifestyle, beliefs, and values that can indicate your spiritual death.

In fact, the process of a spiritual death begins as early as the spirit gets released due to all emotional and environmental attachments. Well, this release in question adheres to its prescribed norms. For instance, you may have a certain amount of unfinished business. In other words, you die consistently in the manner you live. This in turn is again dependent on your values, beliefs, and lifestyle.

Look for typical signs

There are enough signs that answer how to know if you are dying spiritually

This will include things like:

  • Restlessness: As you lead your life, you do undergo bouts of restlessness. Yes, you cannot stop your death which is inevitable. Nevertheless, you can find some comfort by doing a lot of things. For instance, you can restrain your motions. Likewise, make sure to speak in a quiet ambiance in the most natural way possible. Keep the lighting dimmed and play soothing music.
  • Unusual shivering: there are times when you may experience unusual shivering on one of the warmest days of your lifetime! You may even have signs of:
  1. Discolored patches
  2. Unexplained paleness in the skin
  • Thoughtless talking: There is a clear distinction between talking and thoughtless talking. The latter is typically identified with uttering something that is totally unconnected to your present scenario, for instance. During such a phase, you also start remembering incidents from your past to speak something absurd or talk unconsciously.
  • Feeling light: Yes, you may experience a sense of feeling light at a certain point in your life. There is nothing unusual about it. However, if you are interested to know how to know if you are dying spiritually emphasize exploring the lightness. In case it is as light as a feather, people associate this with an alternative world.
  • Having Deathbed Visions: At times, spiritual death appears in the form of deathbed visions (DV). These visions are characterized due to their difference between the afterlife thinning and this present world. If DV takes place with you, it reflects your inclination towards spirituality. The reason is, in absence of spirituality you will treat the same DV as a farce!

Having A out-of-body experience indicates spiritual death as well

There are times when people have seen death from close quarters. These are the same set of individuals who have experienced a near-death experience. In fact, some of them were revived when they were about to die!

Most of them vouch for one thing – they could see their own bodies lying in front of them and were helpless to do anything.

Sometimes, people who go through death, feel weak or lose their appetite as well.

An apathetic resignation to fate

When people make no effort to save themselves from dying, this is tantamount to spiritual death. In fact, they voluntarily resign to their fate and are more than willing to welcome their death.

In a sense, there is no aspiration for better outcomes in life. It seems pessimism has gripped them all over their mind and soul. They refrain from making any attempt to live.

No, they are not suicidal. Instead, they sit to judge themselves and find faults in themselves. For example, they contend everything that has happened to them is the result of their faults. Instead of rectifying these faults they readily surrender to their situation.

Accepting sins and suffering

People with this mindset have a stone-cold heart. In addition, they portray no sign of compassion. They accept their sins and completely show no sign of improving their sins. Instead, all they do is suffer in utter silence.

There is also enough disregard towards the dignity of God. People with this mentality often show no sign of grief for the loss of lives. As they continue to suffer, this leads to no empathy for anyone afflicted. This behavior reflects a total lack of any movement in the mind, body, and heart.

Prepare to watch out for warning signs

As a human being, you may be having a lot of friends and relatives. All are not equal in terms of their mentality and thinking. While some of them might be true optimist who focuses on seeing the ‘petals’ in a rose plant, others might be too busy worrying about the ‘thorns’ in the same plant.

It is the latter category of individuals you need to be careful of. They mostly comprise people who show some warning signs of spiritual death. For instance, they will contend life is depressing and boring which is why they do not wish to live any longer.

Prepare to handle such individuals with greater composure. Yes, when they air such negative views, it is a matter of great concern. On account of this, you ought to give them some patient hearing and listen to their heart out. This way they will feel relieved that their feelings are being given great importance. If that does not work out, ensure to get in touch with a palliative care team.

Withdrawing from yourself as if entering another world

If you find yourself withdrawing from the daily rituals of life, for instance, this is also a sign of spiritual death. People who experience this phenomenon normally start believing they are entering a different world altogether. When this happens, you start to see yourself in another dimension or world.

In a way, you end up being ignorant of humankind. Nothing appears to be very significant to you as you fail to relate to anything. For you, your near and dear ones appear to be aliens and you hardly relate to anything of this universe.