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The Way We Dress

We give a lot of thought to what dress we are going to wear for a particular occasion or festival. Some people are very particular about their dressing style while others do not pay much heed to their dressing and the significance it carries. Generally, our clothing choices are based on the weather outside or the event we are going to attend. Our clothing is also influenced by other factors such as the current fashion trends, time we have to dress, our mood, etc. and then we make our final decision.

We daily go through the ritual of clothing and dressing. Rarely we give a thought to the fact that the way dress has a huge effect on us spiritually. So, whenever someone buys or wears clothes, special attention should be paid to the spiritual significance of that dress. This article provides spiritually researched knowledge about the spiritual effects of clothes on our life and how to dress spiritually. The clothes we decide to wear can benefit or harm us spiritually. As a result, our clothing sense cannot be taken lightly for our spiritual betterment.

Clothing and Spiritual Research

Spiritual research on clothing is done by experts using the sixth sense to decode how to dress spiritually. This sixth sense can only be developed by practicing spirituality for a very long time. These experts detect the spiritual vibrations that emerge from particular pieces of clothing. These vibes are based on the texture. color, or shape of the clothing in question. Some high-level experts can even actually see the pattern of the spiritual vibrations emanating from the clothes and draw their pattern for study. This gives them insight into the spiritual dimension, which cannot be perceived by the earthly senses. Thus, having spiritual knowledge about the clothes we wear provide a deep insight of the spiritual world and its role in our lives.

Spiritual Significance of Clothes

Generally, we only possess knowledge about the physical and psychological importance of the clothes. Spiritual significance of clothes is divided into two parts to clarify how to dress spiritually:

1. To Imbibe and Emit Sattvikta

Clothes have the ability to attract or repel certain kind of energies. Like radio waves, they act as receptors to various energy vibrations. If we wear right clothes, then we can easily attract divine and positive energies of the universe. In turn, these positive vibrations transfer from our clothing into the realm of our consciousness.

2. Repelling the Harm Done by the Negative Energies

Like clothes have the capacity to attract positive energies, similarly, they have the ability to protect us from the effect of negative energies. If we wear clothes that are tamasik in nature, then they will attract ghosts or negative energies from the spiritual dimension. Tama component in our lives will result in inertia, spiritual ignorance, and a lot of other problems that are very hard to tackle without the aid of spiritual healing. This healing can be done by our clothing sense to a great degree if we know how to dress spiritually.

Material for Spiritual Clothing

Try to wear natural fibers such as silk and cotton more and more to attract positive and divine frequencies from the universe. These fabrics also have the ability to retain the positive vibrations. On the contrary, clothes made from synthetic fibers such as rayon, nylon, polyester, and terylene do not possess enough potential to attract divine frequencies. In turn, these fabrics tend to attract Raja-Tama vibrations from the universe. This, people who wear these fabrics tend to be attacked by negative energies to a great extent as they do now know how to dress spiritually.

Stitching Clothes Spiritually

In order to make clothes spiritually suitable, it is advisable that the clothes are not perforated unnecessarily. Clothes having a lot of holes tend to attract negative frequencies from the atmosphere. Thus, your clothes should have minimal stitching in order to attract divine frequencies. This is the reason why we see monks, priests, and gods dressed in robes that have minimal stitching. In Hindu culture, a 9-yard saree is considered as best clothing as it is sattvik in every aspect. This is the same reason why clothes of priests and monks tend to have knots instead of buttons, hooks, or chains. The less stitched a cloth is, the more spiritual significance it will have.

Handmade clothes tend to be more spiritually viable as opposed to machine-made clothes. Moreover, it weavers chant the name of God during weaving the cloth, then the spiritual significance of that piece is magnified to a great degree. Rapid piercing of clothes done by a sewing machine tends to attract distressing energies.

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Spiritual Significance of the Color of Cloth

White, blue, and yellow colors are best choices to attract positive frequencies. They are considered as spiritual colors because they are sattvik in nature. On the other hand, black color attracts the distressing vibrations the most. Even if you wear black and white colors in combination, then the evil energy of black will counteract the positive vibes of the white color. As a result, the negative frequencies will be attracted. This is the reason why it is advised in Hindu mythology that one must not wear black to the funeral. Gaudy colors are also not advisable to dress spiritually as they attract Tama vibrations. You should always wear clothes that complement each other.

Print and Design of the Cloth

The size, frequency, and the type of the pattern made on the cloth can have a strong influence on the positive or negative frequency of the dress. Vines, dots, leaves, and flowers are regarded as sattvik designs. Sattvik designs do not have any pointed tips. Also, the designs should not be made in a congested manner. Violent and morbid looking designs such as skulls and bones attract evil vibrations. Prefer vertical stripes over horizontal ones. If you wear oblique stripes, then they will attract negative frequencies. Clothes which are self-colored and do not have a lot of design are sattvik in nature and attract divine frequencies.

Clothes’ Condition

The condition of the clothes also has a huge role in determining their spiritual quality. Clothes which are not washed will attract negative vibrations. Generally, big brands encourage their customers to not wash their clothes. If looked from a spiritual perspective, the clothes will attract more Raja-Tama vibrations if sweat and dirt is built on them. On the contrary, when clothes are washed on a regular basis, then they are no longer affected with the energies of an individual. As a result, their chance to attract the sattvik aspects reach at top.

Nowadays, it is considered classy to wear clothes that are torn or distressed. Mostly, younger generation tends to dress up in this type of clothing. But, torn clothes tend to attract negative frequencies. Also, old clothes tend to attract evil frequencies more. New clothes are considered to attract divine vibrations. For example, an old and unwashed cotton garment will attract negative energies. On the other hand, a new and washed cotton garment will attract divine frequencies from the surroundings.

Hemline’s Length

A long hemline has great spiritual advantage. Over time, it has become a fashion to wear clothes with reduced hemline. But, clothes with a long hemline tend to act as barriers that protect us from the evil eyes. Short clothes will gain unwanted sexual attention of the opposite sex and will also attract ghosts and evil spirits that roam around unseen. It is also considered that evil spirits tend to sexually harass people who wear clothes that are too much revealing. These attacks are very subtle but tend to spiritually vex a person a great deal.

Style Sense

The way the clothes fit our body and their style also has a great spiritual significance. Garments need to be comfortable to wear and not too tight. If the clothes are body hugging, then the friction between the garment and the skin creates distressing vibrations that reach out to the person in the vicinity. A vid between the skin and the garment helps to attract Chaitanya or Divine consciousness from the surroundings and it retains in our body.

The way a particular piece of cloth is draped around the body also determines whether it will attract or repel divine frequencies. Drape garments such as saree and loin cloths have folds which are considered conducive to protecting us against the negative vibrations. The folds in these garments are regarded as the producer of vibrations that ward off evil frequencies.

Borrowed Clothes

Wearing borrowed clothes is considered a spiritual taboo. Borrowing a relative’s or friend’s clothes may extend your wardrobe for a while, but you will attract various kind of energies in the long run. Today’s world is filled with a lot of evil vibrations because people neglect the spiritual aspect of clothing in their dressing style. The wearer of clothes transfers his or her negative vibrations into the clothes and then these frequencies continue to travel. So, it is advised that you refrain from borrowing clothes to protect yourself from evil energies. Similarly, it is also advised to not buy second-hand clothes.