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Yes, no matter how much you dislike it, you must have experienced anger some points in life. Nevertheless, this is not recognized as a comfortable emotion!

Everyone looks for better ways to get rid of this undesirable emotion. If you wish to do so, you ought to thank your luck for having come across this article.

Here, you will get to know diverse aspects of anger and how to deal with anger spiritually. This article covers many areas like getting familiar with adverse repercussions of anger, spirituality preaches you to convert your anger into a friend rather than an enemy, and more.

Get familiar with adverse repercussions of anger

It produces certain devastating consequences of:

  • Things may go out of control sooner or later, and
  • It can result in numerous problems in every walk of your life.

What is the solution?

Every problem has a solution. Even anger can be tackled and there is a brilliant solution. The best move would be to take the help of spirituality. Apart from several advantages, the two most noteworthy benefits spirituality can offer you are:

  • It will bring your haphazard life back on track and enhance your relationships.
  • You will witness a tremendous uplifting in your overall quality of life and more.

Spirituality preaches you to convert your anger into a friend rather than an enemy

Spirituality is very powerful and has the capabilities to turn the course of an idea or thought!

For instance, spirituality will teach you not to treat anger as the most destructive state of affairs. Instead, it guides you to turn an enemy into a friend in the most soothing manner.

Explore the spiritual context of the relevance of anger

Spirituality is perhaps the only alternative that guides you to understand the spiritual context of anger. It advocates the notion of transforming your anger into pure sweet compassion.

For example, it suggests you treat it as a friend rather than an enemy.

Whenever you experience anger, you fail to identify numerous things. The most crucial one is your failure to take note of life’s mixture of things like:

  • Joys and difficulties.
  • Successes and disappointments, and
  • Ways to resolve them.

Your anger is nothing but a trapped energy

In case you wish to know more about how to deal with anger spiritually, the first thing you ought to acknowledge is – your anger is a trapped energy!

If you are wondering how this is trapped energy, consider this example. Whenever you block any quantity of flowing water, it leads to building pressure. This process continues till the time you do not get uncomfortable. When this happens, you look forward to ways to break this pressure.

Naturally, your heart defies all logical conclusions and you react. You become:

  • Discontent.
  • Restless and
  • Angry.

The more you ignore your faith, the pressure gets greater. By seeking help from God in such situations, you can stop the build-up of anger. Approaching spirituality with an open mind is better than succumbing to temptations like:

  • Alcohol.
  • Sex.
  • Getting into physical and verbal fights.
  • Doing drugs.
  • Working long hours, and
  • Even excessive shopping.

Yes, your anger always get reflected on you

When you react angrily in a specific circumstance to different people, this does not go down well with others.

They too similarly respond to you. In a sense, your anger goes to reflect on yourself as well.

This is not welcome news as you get adversely affected by it. For instance, it will:

  • Affect you both physically and mentally.
  • In certain worse case scenarios, you may even go through:
  1. Depression.
  2. Blood pressure.
  3. Anxiety, and much more.

Save yourself from facing punishment with some spiritual help

Anger in you always leads to some punishment for you alone! For example, when you present angry outbursts to others, more than these people, it affects your:

  • Happiness.
  • Well-being, and
  • Overall physical and mental health.

The straightforward way to prevent these instances is to take assistance from God. Spirituality helps you in directing your negative energy in the right direction. As you spend a lot of time with God and become aware of diverse aspects of spirituality, it augurs well for you.

Spirituality guides you not to be ignorant of situations and surroundings

At times, the angry outburst is the handiwork of ignorance in you!

For instance, you have decided to have a one-to-one meeting with your friend or relative. The latter does not turn up and the meeting never takes place.

Your immediate reaction to this situation is getting agitated and angry for the latter’s failure to come for the meeting.

Spirituality in this scenario imbibes the right approach and thinking you ought to adhere to. In a way, it cultivates a habit of being and not ignoring other people’s problems as well.

It guides you to look deeper and with due respect. You start to think on a different line. For example, you become a rationale thinker and consider things like

  • Maybe your friend or relative did not turn up because they had a hard day, or
  • Maybe be these individuals in question have:
  1. Developed a cold foot, or
  2. Fallen sick.

All these prove one thing. Spirituality permits you to believe ‘the coin always has another side’! As you start looking at things with a different perspective, it brings twin benefits for you:

  • You longer get angry at the drop of a hat!
  • It goes to cement your relations with the outsiders and things end up on a happy note.

Relax, it is not a sin to get angry

If you are encountering instances of anger in you and looking for how to deal with anger spiritually solutions, it is a praiseworthy step.

Nevertheless, you can relax and breathe with ease as spirituality makes you aware of how to treat this anger. Fortunately, it is not considered to be a sin.

Remember, in spiritual parlance, anger is not a sin at all. All that matters is how you deal with it and what steps you take that brings it within the purview of sin.

When you delve deeper into spirituality, you will come to know, God has prescribed what you ought to do when you get angry.

For instance, according to the Bible, when you are angry, do not sin. It lays down clearly what to do when you are under the influence of anger. For instance, you can resort to things like:

  • Do not allow your wrath to surface into the open.
  • The anger can be in the form of:
  1. Your fury.
  2. Your exasperation, or
  3. Your indignation.

In case you go through the verses mentioned in Bible, it mentions the word ‘ When [you are] angry.’ It does not say things like:

  • ‘Don’t get angry’, and
  • ‘If you ever get angry’.

God does not change feelings of anger but teaches you to become stronger

People who often witness anger believe feelings like anger will fade away by taking spiritual help when they wish to know more about how to deal with anger spiritually.

Instead, it guides you to become stronger and changes your perspective. When you attain these, the question of getting angry does not come into the picture at all.

God helps you to understand two things:

  • You ought to be in touch with such feelings, and
  • Don’t allow them to take complete control of your mind and soul.

Spirituality will help you not to be unrealistic

There is some misconception surrounding the spiritual path. According to it, you are required to have only positive emotions such as:

  • Joy.
  • Peace.
  • Generosity, etc.

Nevertheless, this is an absolute juvenile view. As a result, this goes to create a dark shadow filled with certain emotions like

  • Fear.
  • Shame.
  • Sadness.
  • Jealousy.
  • Greed, and of course,
  • Anger.

This view is entirely unrealistic as everyone goes through different forms of emotions. Getting rid of them sounds as if you are trying to cut off your limb, for instance.

When you harbor such unrealistic views, it can cause adverse outcomes like:

  • It goes to create inner divisions and duality, and
  • You undergo continuous pain and struggles.

Fortunately, by taking the help of a spiritual practice you can save from all these and much more.

Learn in greater detail about spiritual lessons of anger

By learning more about how to deal with anger spiritually, you gain many fruitful results. For instance, it gives you many spiritual lessons of anger, like:

  • Release all your repressed emotions.
  • Get ready for perfect healing by uncovering and identifying the trigger points.
  • Listen to yourself.
  • Claim true desires.
  • Direct your energy.
  • Identify misaligned beliefs.
  • Create safety to grow.

Discover the spiritual root of anger

Well, it is your legitimate desires that are the real culprit behind your anger. These desires in questions can be anything like:

  • Love.
  • Fear.
  • Hope.
  • Longing.
  • Respect.
  • Control.

By resorting to spirituality and pleasing God, you can successfully keep all these natural desires below your willingness to keep God happy.

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Wrapping Up!

As a human being, you are bound to experience all kinds of emotions a human being is expected to experience.

Never mind, you can not get rid of them outright. That is beyond your limit. Fortunately, you can handle them better so that you can coexist with them.

Spirituality will give you the much-needed help you need in this regard. In case you are not aware of how to accomplish this objective, this article will be helpful. Gp through the details furnished to achieve spirituality and learn to manage your anger with spirituality.