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Life is unpredictable. Every now and then, we encounter something that changes our life. But did you know, that your life is under your control as long as you choose to consciously take a path? When you consciously choose a path to a higher calling, or a higher level of light, it is called ‘ascension’. Ascension is a personal choice that you must make.

The decision to take a step into the unknown may make many people anxious. Stepping boldly into the unknown towards enlightenment is a new experience. By actively choosing ascension, you evolve into a higher consciousness. It is a phase where you merge with yourself, your higher self, open-up your heart and expand it to reunite with your inner self! By doing so, you reunite your heart with unconditional love.

Ascension is the expansion of your consciousness and is also called Enlightenment or Spiritual awakening. You will not experience it all at once. There are constant layering or symptoms that offer you a chance to adjust to the energy that is required. The following layers or symptoms will help you to ascend and interconnect to your spiritual ascension.

The transition from 3rd dimension to 5th

Ascension symptoms also called ascension sickness affect the mind and the body while ascending from the denseness of the 3rd dimension (3D) to the 5th. The fifth dimension is made up of mindfulness, joy, unity, harmony, graciousness, kindness, oneness, and curiosity. Your soul awakens when you ascend from the 3D to the fifth dimension (5D). Your body is designed to hold super-dense 3D and to ascend to 5D, it needs to be rewired. The physical body needs to change to accept and activate the 5D chakra system and live your life from a 5th dimensional perspective. Your journey from 3D to 5D takes you through all or some of the ascension symptoms mentioned below.

Physical Ascension symptoms

Experiencing ascension symptoms means that your body is experiencing a change, and your soul is awakening. You will get an opportunity to reflect on a lot of things that you may need to understand and let go of. It might be overwhelming for you to experience everything together. The mental side of the symptoms can affect your body as the mind and the body are connected. You may feel the below physical symptoms while you reflect on some mental or emotional struggles and try to cope with them.


There are several types of discomfort that you may feel while you transition from your present life to spiritual awakening. Physical discomforts are indications that your body is changing to accept the energy that you are about to receive. You are out of balance and something is energetically helping you balance your mind and body. The discomfort you feel is temporary and will disappear slowly.

Pains and aches

Pains and aches, like discomfort are a part of the physical ascension symptoms that you experience while you transition. Your path to enlightenment is bound to cause some pain. Pains and aches in shoulders, jaws, neck and legs are common places for dense energy to be stored. The pain is a sign that your body is accepting the energy offered and soon will give you the strength to accept the abundance offered to you.


Have you heard of chakra meditation? It concentrates on 7 chakras or wheels of life that act as a gatekeeper of their respective area. If you are experiencing constant headache, it means that the crown chakra or the third eye chakra is opening and expanding with the energy from the rest of your body. Practicing mindfulness will help the energy travel through, and flow easily to where it needs to. Meditation is a great way of relieving of the stress caused by the abundance of energy in your crown.

Ringing in the ears

The ringing in the ear is also caused by the opening of the third eye chakra. It is called the third eye or ajna or brow as the energy is felt between your brows. The energy you feel is stronger on your forehead, and exactly between the two eyes. The position of the crown chakra is the gateway that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher your consciousness.

Burst of energy

The pain and discomfort you feel is the first sign that you have an abundance of energy running through your body. You open yourself to higher levels of spiritual energy and light. The energy flows through your body like electricity, which is felt all over, from the top of your head to the tip of your toe. The divine light and the spiritual energy flows all around and may cause a sensation of vertigo or dizziness. It is a sign that your body is activated to accept the new and stronger levels of multidimensional awareness. Your body will begin to replenish the needs of the physical, mental, or spiritual realm. You may feel physically disoriented, spacy, or grounded at times. Give your mind and body the opportunity to accept the burst of energy and adjust to it. Spending time in nature will help you integrate the new levels of energy and light.

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Mood swings from joy to depression

One of the strongest ascension symptoms is simply termed as mood swings. While many people relate mood swings to hormonal imbalance or hormonal changes that women experience, in this context, it is caused by the light and energy awakening your emotions. You may experience your emotions quickly shift from joy to sadness or from frustration to happiness. You may not know why you are feeling the burst of changing emotions. The feelings you are experiencing may or may not be yours. It can be empathy or the feelings of your past that you need to tackle. You may find yourself reliving your past, feeling the pain in your heart, or an outburst of other emotions that you never felt. Let these emotions flow. Cry if you want, smile, laugh, or shout out loud. No! You are not crazy, neither are you losing your mind. The dense emotions that have been stored in your subconscious mind need a path or an outlet to release. You can reach higher levels of consciousness if your subconscious is clear.

A strong yearning to let go

You have uncovered several layers of the path to spiritual awakening. Ascension symptoms such as pain, discomfort, mood swings and others are proof that you are a high vibrational spiritual being who is transitioning to enlightenment. You experience a lot of changes in your body as well as your mind. You are faced with challenges that you must overcome to be on your path to ascension. While you are transitioning, you may feel the urge to fight it and go back to being you. You may yearn to let go of the energy that you are blessed with, and wish you could just stay in the realm of spirits. You do not want to accept the drama and the density that comes with the physical changes that you experience. The challenging physical environment is overwhelming and the ease of the spiritual realm is inviting. Instead of giving up, look for signs that may help you. Appreciate every physical attribute that you encounter in your journey and let more come your way. By doing so, you aid in evolving to the fifth dimension of consciousness.

Changing relationships

By now, your mind and your body are along the path to ascend into the fifth dimension. You experience several emotions that you have never felt before, and these emotions help you transcend into the spiritual realm that leads to the 5th dimension. You learn to overcome the desire to let go and you begin to accept the changes. While you accept the changes, you are faced with changing relationships. You may find good friends fading away, old friends changing form, and manipulation in the relationships. You may struggle to keep the energy flowing with the people around you, and the relationship may fall away. Don’t worry, for it will only help you hold on to relationships that are true.

Increased sensitiveness

Heightened sensitivity is one of the most vital ascension symptoms. When you become more spiritually sensitive, you are bound to become more physically, mentally, and emotionally sensitive. Some things, some people may seem to be unbearable due to the heightened sensitivity. You may be intolerant towards food, music, people, or anything, to overcome this, listen to your body and let things fall into place. Do not force your mind or the body to fight it.

Unusual sleep pattern (Spiritual awakening)

The last of the ascension symptoms is the spiritual awakening. As surprising as it may sound, have you been waking up between 2am and 4am? Are you experiencing unusual sleep pattern? You may experience an unusual sleep, a dream message, an encounter with a number in your sleep and so on, which may result in unusual sleep patterns. Did you know that the time between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. is called ‘The Witching Hour’ and 3am is called ‘The Holy Trinity’? It is the time when the veil between the spiritual world and the physical world thins and gets lifted. It is the time when you journey into the spiritual realm and experience spiritual awakening. If you find yourself up between 2 and 4, don’t fight it. It is a sign that your life is about to change and you will align with the person who you are born to be.