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The world is filled with things and matters that still raise questions in the human mind. You would never get the answers to those questions even after employing all the tools available in the world. Even the best and sophisticated tool the human being ever conceived could barely touch the surface of such matters. That tool is called science and we all know it has answered most of the questions of humanity. Yet, most people still roam around filled with questions about the world, human nature, past, present, future, etc. You might ignore the questions because of your hectic lifestyle. But you can’t ignore if your mind starts questioning about the two important aspects – Life and Death. Now, you might ask the question:

Are life and death spiritual matters?

It is true that spirituality has answered questions that science couldn’t answer. But stepping into the realm of spirituality is confusing and cumbersome. For some people, it takes a few days to embrace spirituality and for others years. There were people in the past who meditated for decades to understand the existence. It included every human aspect including life and death. They left several methods and ways to understand life and death through spirituality.

The question, are life and death spiritual matters, has no definitive answer. You can understand it from your own perspective when you look at them from outside. When you go into deep using the tools of spirituality, you will arrive at an answer that may lead to more questions and answers. The cycle of question and answer continues until you brighten yourself from inside.

Still wondering are life death spiritual matters. Though it is difficult to address any question regarding life and death since they are complex matters. You have to find your way to understand them. The following details may guide you to find your way in understanding about life and death.

So calm your nerves, take a deep breath, and continue reading.

What is spirituality?

 If you Google the term spirituality on the internet, you will find several definitions. They may either confuse you or divert you from actual spirituality. Then you may ask what is spirituality and how to understand it. The only way to know about spirituality is to keep searching for it. You can’t find what you are not looking for. You will find only what you are looking for. Spirituality too follows the same theory and if you keep looking for it, you may find it one fine day. Once you know and understand spirituality, the question, whether life and death are spiritual matters, ceases to exist.

The two main philosophies that tried to explain spirituality are western and eastern philosophies. Western philosophies tried to explain spirituality through religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Eastern philosophies tried using religions like Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, which originated from the main religion Hinduism. The western religions used concepts like good and evil or the God and devil to explain the spiritual aspect of life and death. Whereas eastern religions concentrated mainly on self-realization through devotion and meditation.

When it comes to the question; are life and death spiritual matters, most people look towards eastern philosophies or religions to find answers. Let’s look into the spiritual aspects of both life and death to understand them better.

Spiritual Aspect of Life

From the time we are born as humans, our journey towards death is set. The time you spend between birth and death is called life. During this time, we do everything to survive including taking another life if necessary. Imagine your survival was addressed soon after you were born. Would you struggle to do the things that you are doing now? You would have invested at least a portion of your time to understand life itself. Since life doesn’t only mean survival, you would have chosen a different path to understand it.

There is no better way to understand life than understanding the spiritual aspect of life. Each action associated with life is connected to spirituality. If we dig deep into it, we can strike a balance between surviving and understanding life.

There are several signs, which indicate that we have life inside us. The three most important things that indicate we are alive are breathing, movement, and perception. Let us see how they are connected to spirituality.

· Breathing – Breathing is the most important aspect of life. If you are not breathing means, you are not alive. Breathing is a process that provides life energy to all the cells in our body. Hence, it is considered as the process, which connects our internal elements with external elements. If we learn how to breathe properly, we could easily navigate our life energy to understand our existence. Most of the eastern spiritual processes have developed breathing techniques that help us in understanding the spiritual aspect of life.

· Movement – Movement is the next level after breathing that helps us in absorbing life around us. You can’t understand your existence without understanding the movement of life around you unless you are some yogi or superhuman. Whether it is physical movement or metaphysical movement around you, it doesn’t matter. Experiencing things around helps you to see life from different angles. If you observe every minute detail of movements, you may even find what life is through the eyes of spirituality.

· Perception – Different people perceive things differently. But are things around you made differently? Today, science has shown that every element in the universe is made from the same thing. The amount of the contents may vary but you will find the same elements in every living and non-living being. When your perception is aligned with every element in the universe, you start understanding life better. Spirituality allows you to perceive things by aligning you with the entire universe.

Now that one part of the question, are life and death spiritual matters, is addressed, let’s move to the next part.

Spiritual Aspect of Death

Death is an inevitable part of our existence. Life is incomplete without death since the possibility of death helps in bringing new life. The mere thought of death sends shivers across our bodies. This is because every living being including humans is hard-wired to survive. When you are alive, you never think about death since you are busy surviving. It is only when you are in the presence of death you realize what it is. This makes you differentiate between life and death. But if you understand them correctly, you would realize both are the same.

In eastern religions and philosophies, sages and yogis used to go to the mountains and Himalayas to feel near-death experiences. It would free them from getting attached to survival and life. They would put their body and mind to severe forms of pain to understand death. It would allow them to disassociate themselves from life and set their souls free. Then the doors of the spiritual aspect of death would open.

Death can be explained using three denominators – Body, Mind, and Soul.

· Body – Our body is made up of several organs. Any malfunction in these organs may cause mild to severe pain. The pain makes us realize that we have a body. Understanding the body and molding it according to your wish takes a lot of effort. You can free your body from all the pains and shackles only by will power and mental strength. For this, you need the guidance of spiritual methods like yoga. Once you understand your body completely, you can strike a balance between life and death.

· Mind – Mind is the entity that controls every step of our life. Our body acts according to the vibrations and commands that our mind keeps generating. You may have observed that our mind is in continuous flux. It needs a lot of effort to keep it still and at peace. It constantly tries to keep us away from death by making plans for survival. Nudging your mind towards understanding death through spiritual methods like meditation would free you from the fear of death. Freeing yourself from death is nothing but knowing the life in its entirety.

· Soul – Nobody knows what soul is or where it is. But according to scriptures, philosophies, and religions, soul is the ultimate form that could live forever. Working towards setting our souls free from the shackles of life and death is the ultimate goal of Hinduism and the other religions connected with it. The soul is deeply connected with spirituality since it is mainly associated with death. You can’t understand the soul without putting yourself through spiritual process. Knowing the soul help you in understanding both life and death better.


Are life and death spiritual matters? The question may raise many more questions in your mind. But it is the characteristic of mind to raise question and try to find answers. When it comes to finding answers there is no better way than taking the path of spirituality. Every aspect of our life could be understood using the tool spiritual tools. If you are being bothered by questions of life and death for a long time, it is time for you to embrace spirituality.

So keep raising questions and don’t rest until you find answers.