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Do you know demons exist on the spiritual plane? Have you ever pondered the existence of demons in the spiritual realm? Abbreviated as STDs, spiritually transmitted demons exist in reality although their presence may not be tangible. According to the Biblical perspective, demons are fallen angels who rebelled against God due to which they were thrown out of heaven. Demons have the capability to possess people, and they are totally subservient to Satan. Their prime aim is to deceive human beings and cause mischief in the world by killing and stealing. 

Demons fuel ego in people and act as a barrier to spiritual development. Since we live in a spirit-filled world, it is completely possible for a human being to contract a demon spiritually. Sex is the most common method via which demons are spiritually transmitted from one person to another. Theories about association between demons and sex are deep-rooted in both Jewish and Christian traditions. Demons usually intrude into the lives of those people who yield to lust and bodily desires for the sake of transient pleasure. In the pursuit of lustful pleasures, people often tend to forget their own souls. 

Moreover, lack of mindful spirituality is also one of the main reasons behind the intrusion of demons into your life. Nevertheless, spiritual demons must be eliminated at the earliest as they can prove to be detrimental to your overall well-being and peace of mind. The worst part is that they can significantly hamper your spiritual progress, thereby drawing you away from self enlightenment. People willing to distance themselves from spiritual demons must engage their minds in the spiritual sphere and flush out negativity from their thinking. 

If you are looking to gain insight into spiritually transmitted demons, you have luckily come to the right place. Here are some revealing signs that can tell if a person has demonic attachments which are likely to get transmitted to others.

1. Abnormally high energy levels 

It has often been seen that people who are carriers of demons exhibit abnormally high energy levels. They move around incessantly and find it impossible to stay at one place for long periods. When it comes to quarrels over petty matters, they may become dangerously aggressive. Many times, they get physical with other people and end up doing irreparable damage. Such people do not have any control over their actions. They may overreact in normal situations with loud and angry outbursts without showing the slightest respect for the feelings of others. 

2. Lack of eye contact

Potential demon transmitters often have a hard time looking others in the eyes. If the person you have just met fails to maintain eye contact, it is a sure shot sign that he/she is hiding something serious. This is a clear indication that the person is possessed by some demonic attachments. Whenever you meet a person who is hesitant to look you in the eyes, something is not right and you should simply move on. 

3. Impulsive and strange behavior

People who undergo rapid mood swings without any apparent reason are also said to be affected by evil spirits. You must always watch out for people who blurt out curses and act violently in a fit of rage as chances are they may be possessed. Their impulsive behavior often causes them to go against accepted social norms owing to which they are deemed unfit for society. You may also get this gut feeling that people having an impulsive demeanor cannot be trusted with secrets at any cost. 

4. Inflated sense of self-importance

People under the influence of demons show an inflated sense of self-importance and they are known for having an antisocial personality. Since they think highly of themselves, they experience relationship trouble with friends and family. Worst of all, they have almost no regard for others, and they never take responsibility for their own actions. You should maintain a distance from egoistic people as their company might prove disadvantageous to your spiritual journey. 

What are the major symptoms caused by spiritually transmitted demons?

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Spiritually transferred demonic spirits can bring a plethora of undesirable changes in the personality of a person. From facilitating oblivion to causing decline in morality, demons can destroy your spiritual identity if they are not done away with at the right time. Now, let us take a quick look at the top 4 symptoms commonly seen in people affected by spiritually transmitted demons.

1. Uncontrollable sex drive

Uncontrollable libido is the most common symptom of demonic entities entering one’s body. No matter how much sex you have, the desire does not seem to come to an end. People who suffer from this condition often resort to excessive masturbation but still do not feel satisfied. If you have an uncontrollable sex drive, you might find yourself indulging in lecherous activities like watching pornography, having anonymous sex encounters etc. All such activities can rob you of your moral conscience and leave a permanent dent on your character. 

2. Loss of memory

Demonic forces can cause people to become forgetful over time. If you are a victim of spiritual demonic transmission, you may experience loss of memory every now and then. For example, you may forget where you kept your keys or whether the door is locked. You might even find it incredibly hard to recall information you learned a while ago. Your inability to remember past events will reduce the quality of your life to a great extent. Although stress and old age can also facilitate amnesia, sudden episodes of memory loss could be a possible symptom of demonic possession.

3. Recurrent sex dreams

People who contract demonic spirits see dreams related to sex on a recurrent basis. While it is true that sexual dreams may not necessarily be demonic, you should still watch out for possible clues. Wet dreams caused by demonic transmission can be somewhat embarrassing to deal with. In a demonic dream, you may see yourself partaking in taboo sexual activities which you would normally disapprove of. If you  have been seeing abnormal sex dreams lately, you can consider it as a tell-tale sign of demonic transmission. 

4. Inability to procreate

Barrenness is another symptom that indicates you have come in contact with a spiritual demon. People who are victimized by demonic transmission are far more susceptible to infertility compared to those who are spiritually awakened. If you have been trying to have kids for a long time and have not got any results so far, demons might be living within you. Your inability to procreate may lead to a decline in your self-esteem, thus making you less confident. There have been cases where people afflicted by demonic forces have fully lost interest in sexual interactions. 

Can demons hinder spiritual growth?

It is a well-known fact that spiritual practices can work wonders for boosting your physical and mental health. But once a demonic force is transferred to your body, there is a strong likelihood that you will get distracted from your spiritual goals. Demons are influential enough to divert your attention to trivial matters and make you lose track of your spiritual life. Their sole motive is to lead you astray and make you forget the upright path. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, make sure you seek deliverance from God and begin focusing on your spiritual growth for a fresh start.

How can you avoid coming in contact with spiritually transmitted demons?

As you all know, demons that are transferred to you can have a negative effect on the spiritual aspects of your life. They can drain you of your energy and bring your productivity to a halt. If you want to keep from coming in contact with spiritually transmitted demons, you must pay heed to your sexual relationships with people. It must be noted that avoiding transgressive sexual behavior is a proven way to prevent the transmission of spiritual demons. When you indulge in a sexual relation with your spouse, your souls get unified and the flesh becomes one. It has been scientifically proven that sex involves the exchange of a wide range of fluids such as blood and saliva.

Similarly, it has been spiritually proven that sex is marked by a transfer of spirits. Sexual intercourse has a spiritual aspect to it in the sense that a variety of energies are transferred during the activity. Now, these energies could be positive as well as demonic depending on the person you are copulating with. Once the transfer of spiritual energies is complete, you are bound to be drawn closer to your mate as a natural outcome. Unmarried people who get laid without much caution are at a higher risk of being impacted by demonic entities. While being physically intimate with a newfound person may help you in gratifying the desires of flesh, it can do more harm than good in the long run.

Also, there is no denying the fact that partaking in casual sex can satiate your lust and give you momentary pleasure. But the downside of such a relationship is that you will not be able to live your life in accordance with the will of God. Most notably, you tend to develop a soul tie (spiritual/emotional connection) with the person whom you have had sex. The higher the number of casual sex partners, the more soul ties you will have and the situation will get complicated even further. Ungodly soul ties must be broken quickly as they can open doors to demonic forces and take a toll on your spiritual health.

Since breaking unholy soul ties all at once is no piece of cake, you must put your trust in God and seek his help to find a way out. It may seem tough at first but must remain determined and put in constant efforts to thrust out demonic forces from yourself.

Do contraceptives offer protection against demonic transmission?

It is widely believed that high quality contraceptives can come in handy for averting the spiritual transmission of demons. In contrast to popular belief, even the best contraceptives cannot stop spiritually demonic energies from getting into your body. In the best case scenario, contraceptives might prevent unwanted pregnancy and keep you safe from various sexually transmitted infections. But they do not guarantee any sort of protection against demonic forces. Being a spiritually informed individual, you should never rely on contraceptives no matter what.

In fact, it would be best that you abide by God’s laws and say no to sex outside of marriage. Following God’s commandments will not only keep demons at bay but will also keep you safe spiritually. For this purpose, you must return to your religious scripture and contemplate on relevant verses to find what God exactly wants from you. More important than all, you should shift your attention to mindful activities like meditation and nature exploration to pave the way for positive vibes in your life.

Meditation can go a long way in repelling evil spirits and making you a spiritually aware individual. The best part about spiritual meditative practices is that they can eliminate all the negative energy attached to you. Likewise, spending time in natural surroundings and breathing a sigh of fresh relief might prove effective in casting out demons from you. In addition to chasing away the demons, mindful spirituality will restore balance in your life and give you an instant sense of inner satisfaction simultaneously.

Final words

It goes without saying that the root cause of spiritual demonic transmission is fornication and adultery. Demons have long been infamous for taking people away from the remembrance of Almighty God. This is why staying away from extramarital sex is imperative to avoid the spiritualized dangers of demonic affliction. It is important that you partake in spiritual practices and get rid of all evil thoughts to prevent demons from entering your body. So, see to it you keep an eye out for potential demons and lead a spiritually fulfilling life to ward off negative energies.